Balanced Bites Podcast #32: Women’s Health, part 2!

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Episode #32 focuses on questions we commonly receive from female listeners – but that does NOT mean No Boys Allowed! This information is applicable to all listeners!


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  1. Paleo approaches to birth control & family planning
  2. How sugar intake affects menstrual cycle length and regularity
  3. Fertility & Pregnancy diet
  4. Pregnancy, water retention & constipation
  5. Pregnancy food aversions
  6. PCOS & thyroid problems: should I go “Paleo” or just gluten free?

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#1: Paleo approaches to birth control & family planning
#2: How sugar intake affects menstrual cycle length and regularity
#3: Fertility & Pregnancy diet
For women who are planning to get pregnant, how much in advance should she and her partner ideally start following an especially nutrient-dense diet, what foods should they focus on, what supplements, etc.?
#4: Pregnancy, water retention & constipation
Pregnancy, water retention, and constipation: I retain less than your average “preggo,” I think, but it’s still noticeable in my feet (and now that I’m almost 9 months, my fingers). And constipation started a couple of weeks ago, and nothing is really helping me get back to feeling normal.
#5: Pregnancy food aversions
So, I’m now 7 weeks pregnant. I was doing great on “Paleo” before getting pregnant. I was losing weight very slowly but still losing. I was getting healthier. My skin improved (cystic acne) when I finally got around to pulling out dairy. I loved not having to eat every 2 hours to keep my blood sugar out of the toilet. And I did not miss the scatterbrained effect of blood sugar instability. Now that I’m pregnant, I can’t seem to eat much of anything except lettuce, tomatoes, fruit and cheese. I can’t even stand the smell of all of that grass-fed lamb we’ve got in the freezer. I can get down a couple of eggs once in awhile. I’m freezing all the time because I can barely eat anything. I’m thinking maybe I could get some goat cheese. That might be less problematic than bovine cheese. I’ve even been sneaking in some grains just to keep from starving! Do you have ideas or suggestions? I’m not so gluten intolerant that a muffin sends me to the restroom, but after a few days of gluten I start having constipation. Legumes are really problematic for me.
#6: PCOS & thyroid problems: should I go “Paleo” or just gluten free?
I have PCOS and have been advised to eat like a diabetic to correct the insulin levels. I have also been told to eat low carb to control my insulin – but another doc told me to just eat gluten-free. Of course, I have been always trying to eat “Paleo.” Because I have severe PCOS and other autoimmune issues, should I stick to gluten-free with a “Paleo” influence, or really focus on getting carbs lower – which is best for keeping insulin levels low? FYI, I don’t menstruate – but I did recently after 13 years after going gluten-free. (Mostly “Paleo,” but I ate dairy and potatoes.) This was almost 2 months ago and my period hasn’t returned…which is why I’m confused to which way I should go. Should I be concerned with going lower-carb because of hypothyroidism? I know it’s probably going to take time after years of eating SAD, but I don’t want to feel so confused all the time. Help!

Diane & Liz

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  1. you mentioned a great book on natural fertility in your podcast – i think it was this episode or the Part 1 but I cant find it — have been trying to play them all back. could someone direct me? I would really appreciate it!

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