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Read to the end for a discount code on healthy food for busy people from my sponsor, US Wellness Meats!
Want to hear something hilarious? In my post-partum Liz-gets-back-to-normal plan (I literally had a plan…like, written out) I would have work, parenting, exercise, meal planning, and cooking in perfect order by the time my kid hit six months old.
Ha. Ha. Hahahahahaha.
I’m not sure what magic spell I thought would turn me into an organized, supermomming, exercising chef after giving birth since I’d never been all of those things at the same time before.
Fast-forward more than eight months and I was still trying to figure out how to shower, sleep, and remember what my address was while ensuring my child was fully intact at the end of the day. (And I had – and still have – massive amounts of help at my disposal. You parents doing it totally solo, without local support systems are rock stars.)
Since then, I’ve learned that there’s no “back to normal” after having a kid. It’s a new normal, and for some people, that “new normal” does not include what scientists refer to as “having your sh!t together.”
Especially if said sh!t wasn’t together in the first place. Seriously. Parents who have it together and are blogging, working, exercising, and sleeping sans baby in your own room three days (or three months. Or three years.) after having a kid? I salute you.
I just haven’t figured it out yet. And really? I don’t think the world is set up for 99% of folks to have success doing allllll the things we’re expected to do.
See, I’m just not the type who can juggle parenting, productive work time, bare household necessities, more work, more parenting, and making a healthy dinner (much less a healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner) and make it all look Pinterest-worthy. Nope.
And now that I have a toddler to feed (how the heck did 2 years go by?) the challenge of healthy eating is even more intimidating.
But, at the same time, eating reasonably healthy food most of the time is non-negotiable for us. So what’s a real food lover to do?
Quite frankly, I can’t really outsource anything other than food prep. I’m the only one who can do my work, and Science hasn’t come up with anything that resembles exercise-by-proxy yet. I kinda like spending time with my little one, so sending her to boarding school is out. (I kid.)
But seriously. I had to bite the bullet and start outsourcing some of my meal planning and prepping.
So I order some prepared foods from US Wellness Meats, a company based just a few hours from me that ONLY sells properly-raised meats. I started with their frozen raw meats back in 2010, but only just started taking advantage of their prepared options and snacks.
Let me tell you. It has been life-changing. Bringing US Wellness Meats on-board as a sponsor of my work was the most natural fit in the world because their products are already a huge part of my life.
Here are the products that save my gluten-free buns, over and over again:
Fully Cooked Shredded Beef (BBQ and Plain)

I can’t tell you what a relief it is to have
no idea what we’re going to eat for dinner, and then to remember we’ve got shredded beef ready to go.
Their shredded beef is phenomenal –  available plain and BBQ. It’s as easy as defrost, open, heat.
Last night we enjoyed the BBQ version with mashed potatoes (boiled & buttered, as I like to say) and some sautéed kale. We had plenty for three adults and a kid.
US Wellness Meats Shredded Beef
Fully Cooked Beef Short Ribs

Short ribs
are one of those recipes I’d use to impress fancy guests (coughMotherInLawcough), yet it always seems like such a crapshoot to cook them. How long will it take to dissolve the fat and make the meat “fall-off-the-bone tender?”
Problem, solved.
Prepared Organ Meat Products

You need these.
They’re fully-cooked, super simple, no-fuss nutrient-dense powerhouses.
THESE are how I’ve gotten my toddler (and, let’s be honest, myself) to eat organ meats without having to slave away prepping them in my kitchen (Who. Has. Time?!)
Read my post all about the benefits of organ meats and how to get your kid to eat them.
Then, order the Braunschweiger (beef, beef liver & spices), Head Cheese (beef, beef heart, beef tongue & spices), and Liverwurst (beef trim + beef liver, heart & kidney) to try for yourself.
Seriously. Do it.
They’ve also got plain beef franks (think: healthier hot dogs) that are great for kids.
Pouched Salmon
US Wellness Meats also carries some of my favorite Vital Choice options, including cooked pouched salmon!
Sometimes you just have to force yourself to eat a salad and you need some protein to make it worthwhile. But cooking said protein will make you late for the conference call, which will then make you late to parents’ day out, which will then ruin nap time, so you need something fast.
US Wellness Meats Pouched Salmon
It’s not just my toddler who needs snacks at her disposal. It’s me, too. As hard as I try to remember to eat on a regular basis, taking care of the needs of a tiny person, a tiny business, and a tiny farm come first. When I hear my stomach start to churn, I’ll share a snack with the kiddo, like:
Pork rinds. These are available in original, salt and pepper or BBQ spice. They’re all so fluffy, tasty, and the crunch is divine.
Beef sticks. These are kid-approved, not too chewy, and a great source of protein on-the-go.
Any time I place an order, I always add a few of these to my cart.
Now this isn’t even the full spectrum of products I love from US Wellness Meats. My freezer is packed full of their chicken gelatin, chicken apple sausage, bison chorizo, and pre-formed beef patties. When we can splurge a little, I’ll buy their 100% soy-free free-range chicken breasts in bulk.

Ready to try? Shop here and use code “Liz” – good for 15% off any 2 orders you place under 40 pounds! This offer is good through end of 2017. 

What are your favorite healthy options for an easy meal or snack on the go? Let me know in the comments! 

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