Eat the Yolks is HERE! A new book – and a new take on Paleo.

My book is REALLY happening! (No, seriously. For real.) It’s READY. It’s DONE. It’s shipping in February! It’s called Eat the Yolks: Discover Paleo, Fight Food Lies, and Reclaim Your Health.
(Eat the Yolks for short. And for AWESOME.)
Wait, some of you may say. What happened to Modern Cave Girl, my book that was available for pre-order since the Pleistocene? (Or since about 1 year ago. Same difference.)
It’s an easy explanation. No, I don’t have 2 books. No, they didn’t change their mind about publishing Modern Cave Girl. It’s simple: Modern Cave Girl BECAME Eat the Yolks. HOWEVER, because the publishing world has Rules (meh), we couldn’t just switch the Modern Cave Girl listing to Eat the Yolks. We had to create an entirely new listing, and cancel Modern Cave Girl.
Make sense? So if you ordered Modern Cave Girl (thank you!) your order has been canceled by Amazon. It won’t ever ship, and, you won’t ever be charged. If you want to read my blather, you’ll need to order Eat the Yolks
I promise, it’ll be worth it.
I know this, because the whole reason we changed titles and marketing and EVERYTHING is because this book is truly exceptional (can I say that about my own book?) It needed to reach a wider audience. It was about more than a sassy cave girl in a leopard skirt. It’s about everythingAnd calling it Modern Cave Girl just didn’t cut it.
This book is about the amazing-ness that is REAL FOOD. Egg yolks. Fat. Fat and protein from properly raised animals. The fruit and vegetable kingdom, which is healthful beyond any loaf of bread we’d find in the modern supermarket. We all want people – friends, family, co-workers who mock your steak salad – to know that this food is good for you. That we’ve been lied to. That an egg white omelet isn’t doing anyone any favors. That Paleo folk (or anyone that chooses to eat. real. food.) aren’t lined up for heart disease and gout and a bread deficiency.
That’s what Eat the Yolks is about. It’s not just about egg yolks. It’s about healthy fat. Animal protein. Healthy carbs. Nutrients and calories (and which of those two is most important). The truth about the foods we eat. And the hilariously sad, truly ridiculous reasons we stopped eating them in the first place.
That, with some classic movie references mixed in. Ya know, for good measure.
And there’s no dogma. Yes, it’s a Paleo book, because those are my roots. But I don’t spin anything as healthy or not healthy simply because it’s “Paleo” or “Not Paleo.” This is about truth, not about a label.
We’ve been fed a pack of lies for decades, and this book aims to put low-fat, low cholesterol, boxed-bagged-n’-packaged processed junk disguised as health food on blast while bringing the foods of our ancestors back. It tackles all the myths we’ve been fed for decades – even some of the myths about Paleo – and reveals some of the so-sad-its-hilarious back-story of many of our modern myths (in particular, with the section entitled Kellogg’s Flaccid Flakes).
And it’s TRULY happening. The book is done and on its way to print. No more waiting or wondering whether this gal’s gonna get her butt in gear and finish her book. It’s done. And you’re going to LOVE it!
Please, please, please – if you’ve gotten a crumb, a tidbit, or even a chuckle from me at any point, please consider pre-ordering this book. Pre-orders are what decides how far this book can go – in stores and in the media.
When you pre-order, let me know by posting to the comments, sending me a tweet, pinning this post, or posting on facebook. I want to thank you personally! And please consider sharing this book with friends and helping me spread the word. I would be SO grateful.
Thank you SO much for your support! This wouldn’t have happened without you.
Liz Wolfe, NTP
Author of Eat the Yolks

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62 Responses

  1. Yay! I’ve preordered your book. I think the skintervention guide has already changed my life dramatically, so I’m excited to see what “Eat the Yokes” brings 🙂
    Thanks for all you do!

    1. That is SO awesome Michaela! I’m so glad the Skintervention Guide has been helpful to you! (I need to get that book image changed out in the guide. It’s still Modern Cave Girl. Add that to the list!) Thank you so much for preordering Eat the Yolks. I hope you love it!

  2. I just preordered my copy! I’m excited to get a book that can educate me more as to why the way I’ve been eating for the past 8 months is the way to go. Yeah the losing weight and feeling amazing overall is totally enough for me. However, I still have the husband that despite looking AhMazing himself (thanks to my total switch, therefore he’s also eating this way) still insists on having all of us get our cholesterol tested. Despite the fact he isn’t 100% paleo himself. Either way, i need the facts so I can render back some wiseass remark when he questions why i’m a pain to order at a restaurant…and FINALLY get him to make the switch 100%.

    1. I think you will really relate to what I talk about in the introduction! I talk about the beginning of my journey, when I felt so much better (energy, skin cleared up, slept better) but I was still worried about all the normal stuff – cholesterol especially! That’s a huge reason I wrote this book. I think you will love it! Thank you for preordering!

  3. Yay! I’m off to pre-order right now! And yes you can say your own book is exceptional. 🙂 Be proud of your work! I’m sure I’ll love it. 🙂

  4. Congratulations Liz! Can’t wait to read this book full of knowledge and jokes. Mostly for the jokes. I’ll be proudly storing your book in the “fancy books I want everyone to notice bookcase”.
    FYI gratitude is best served by way of phone with old friends.

  5. I just preordered your book and I am so excited! I love the title you chose, I think it’ll be great representation of the content. Also, I am so looking forward to an entire book of your humor, seriously, it’s awesome. Congrats!

  6. Just pre-ordered on, looking forward to reading it, I know it won’t be “just another paleo” book as your wit is wicked! Love the podcasts, love the message yourself and Diane spread and happy to support all your hard work by purchasing your (first!) book

  7. I pre-ordered your book, Liz. Soooo excited. I love your Skin intervention guide and I’m sure Eat the yolks is going to be as awesome and as helpful. Congrats!!

  8. Hey awesome Cave Girl!
    Cancelled the old book and now ordered the new and improved version!!
    I am so excited for you. You have changed my life and outlook. Keep up the good work!
    Can’t wait for this next chapter!

  9. Pre-order in the house. I’m excited to hear Denise Minger might (will?) be on the pod cast. I have her blog to thank for pointing me toward paleo.

    1. YES! She’ll be on the podcast soon, Richard. I cite some of her work in my book. I credit Denise and Christ Masterjohn for really opening my eyes and I’m excited to thank her publicly on the podcast (in addition to the acknowledgements in my book). Without their work, there would be a far narrower point of entry into a confident adoption of this lifestyle. Thank you for preordering!

  10. Let’s be honest, I’ve had your book on pre-order since like, seriously, it wasn’t even announced. I pre-ordered the minute I saw the new book on Facebook. Congrats – I am SO excited for you! Can’t wait to get your book in my hands! 🙂

  11. Well of course I pre-ordered. I’ll keep pre-ordering until I actually get a book, har har 🙂 Seriously, Congratulations, I wish you much success!

  12. I LOVE the new title of your book! As someone who is not “paleo” but loves all the whole nutrient dense food I can get, I feel more connected to this title. I think it was a smart move as it does appeal to a wider audience. It applies to me now too! I love your humour and I’m glad to hear your book still has it. All the best with the book 😀

    1. That was definitely part of why I KNEW I needed to change the title! It’s all about nutrition and nourishment, and I truly believe I left dogma at the door. While there is a Paleo slant, since that’s where my roots are, I think it’s very open and embracing of traditional foods and talks a bit about traditional preparation as something needing to be explored more. I hope you love it! Thank you Danielle!

  13. I love everything you do and stand for Liz. I love listening to you every week and reading your blog. I just ordered 2 books. One for me and one for my mom!! Love you and keep up the amazing work. Looking forward to those post cards.

  14. Pre-order complete! Your insight, knowledge, and laughter have been such a source of inspiration for me over the past year. Thank you for all your hard work and wisdom- you’re an incredible woman and I can’t wait to read your book!

  15. I just pre-ordered your book! Can’t wait to read it. I’m currently reading the Skintervention Guide and I love it. You crack me up and your writing is so enjoyable to read. Congrats on the book & all your hard work 🙂 much love!

    1. I’m so glad you’re loving the Skintervention Guide – thank you SO MUCH for ordering that! I know it’s an investment and I so appreciate your confidence in me. For you to have preordered the book too…wow. Thank you so much for your support, all-around.

  16. Have only found you (and Diane) at balanced bites in recent weeks. Loving your podcasts and learning about healthy eating.
    Preordered your book and can’t wait to receive it here in Brisbane Australia. 🙂
    Merry Christmas.

    1. Hi Barb! I would love to make it in book form but I have not yet garnered the interest of any publishers. I’m working on it but if that ever happens, it’s probably 2 years in the future at least.

  17. Congratulations Liz! Just pre-ordered your book. Looking forward to reading it and finding all the pop culture references. Love the podcast!

  18. I just ordered your book, Liz. I am so excited to read it!! From listening to the couple of pod-casts that touch on it’s contents, I have a feeling I won’t be putting your book down until I’ve read the whole thing. 🙂 I know it took you a while to write, but I’m sure it will be worth the wait. Congratulations, and thank you for continuing to inspire!

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