What I’m eating this week, v.1

Hi, all! I hope you’re having a great Monday!
Want to punch me in my chipper, blog-happy face already? Me too!
So I’m not really that chipper today. But I did realize this morning that I’m probably on a bit of a happiness-fueled, coffee-induced high that began with Husband’s return from deployment last week.
I’ve had him home and have been chatting his snuggly-wuggly face off, and until today – when I realized my dog was utterly fascinated with my flapping lips – I didn’t fully grasp that even the months’ worth of Reality TV updates I’ve got for poor Husband are going to run out eventually. (Probably long after he’s found a way to listen to Scott Van Pelt while pretending to care about the Gorga-Manzo-Giudice road trip currently assaulting our DVR.)

What I’m sayin’ is: at some point, I’ll have to come back to reality. And that point is now.
I’ve slacked BIG TIME on my meal planning the last few months, but it’s time to tighten up ship.

So, here’s what we’re looking at for this week. I generally cook from Make it Paleo (spectacular) and Well-Fed (amazing) – you’ll see those on the list – and now I’ve added the fantastic recipes from my buddy Diane’s book, Practical Paleo. These three are quite literally the bomb-dot-com.
When I’m planning, I pick what we’re eating and make a shopping list of the ingredients we don’t have. I use this template.
I shop on the weekend for the week ahead. Simple. Takes 15 minutes to plan, and trust me – it’s time well-spent. Knowing what you’re making for dinner after a 12-hour day of RHONJ marathons hard work makes one MUCH less likely to eat six Larabars and thirty packets of ketchup for dinner.
I pick a few meals for “bulk cooking” to get us through lunches and such. My meatballs bring all the Husbands to the yard.
For those who know me (or if you listen to the Podcast), you know I’m a “nutrient-seeker.” I’ll generally “hide” liver in meat sauce and meatballs, I drink plenty of broth most days, and I love me some Cod Liver Oil/Butter Oil blend.
I’ll graze on coconut flakes, olives and fermented carrots, beets or cabbage, sip on Kombucha, and if I’m really hungry, I’ll grab a Paleo Kit. Those don’t always make it in the meal plan because – well – they’re givens.
On weekends, I’m known to skip breakfast for some kind of badass brunch – this means that after I sleep in I make CH take me out for Huevos Rancheros and then watch M*A*S*H the movie or Season 2 of Parks & Rec.
Yes, “brunch” is a loaded term in our house. It also means Liz gets what she wants and the lawn will mow itself.

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17 Responses

  1. I am not good about the whole spreadsheet thing,,, tried it and I am not that much of a planner. On Sunday mornings I wake up,,, decide what I will be cooking for the week, run to the store and then cook most all of it. I usually have one crockpot meal going plus about 3 other main dishes.and some assorted veggies plus all the stuff for salads. Since I live alone I am much more likely to run out for fast food insead of cooking something at home BUT if I do it all on Sunday then it is done and I will skip the arches and come on home after CrossFit.

  2. Ahhh ha! Love the use of the spreadsheet. I am a major excel nerd, as I spend my day inside a cave that closely resembles a cubicle. I might take it one step further and create a rating system on an additional tab and cross reference the major ingredients so I can easily find something super delicious based on what my CSA delivers. Oh! And I could put notes in about the recipe for substitutions/changes. Could also rate difficulty, time to prepare, and possible leftover meals.
    Whos, bro.
    Thanks Liz!!

  3. I don’t do the spreadsheet but I usually spend about two hours on Sunday morning planning meals from cookbooks and online recipes I have saved. I write up a menu and shopping list. Bonus points every two weeks when the CSA delivers and I need to work the produce into my plan–sometimes with new veggies like okra and eggplant. When I come home From shopping I make a frittata which means that hubby and I will have breakfast premade for 4 days.
    The menu for the week gets posted on a blackboard in the kitchen so I don’t forget AND my husband starts the dinner when he gets home from work. I usually only precook one or two meals on Sunday, but anything that cooks for more than an hour is at least started the night before I need it.

  4. Ok, so I just checked and you’re still the funniest person blogging about nutrition.
    By the way, do you get raw milk feta? I looove the stuff, but where I live (Portugal), I can only find it made with pasteurized milk. Any favorite brands?

  5. I plan nothing other than the fact that meat and appropriate vegetable matter for whatever my current tinkering/n=1-mode is — leafy or crunchy and starchy. Oh, and eggs. Usually 2-a-day, though I think I’m going to do a 2-week sans egg test soon. I don’t wanna, but I’m gonna…
    Beyond that, it’s a crapshoot and usually I end up eating ground meat cooked in fat with spices and wrapped in lettuce. Often. And I freaking love it. So don’t tell me to stop! You can’t make meeeeeee!

  6. Is there any chance you’d be willing to share a blank template of your spreadsheet? I’m a nerd, but I’m a lazy one. 😛

  7. I’ve been doing some light planning as my work moved to shift work for the summer. Got to live 6am starts or 1:30 am finishes for screwing with my sleep and making HUNGRY at hours I would normally be sleeping.
    I do batch cooking, live alone and am not a fan of frozen food. This means I end up eating the same meal for quite a few meals. I’m getting really good at making breakfast and my lunch dinner or dinner, and tomorrow’s breakfast and lunch. My office mates are always envious of the frittata I am inhaling in the morning as they eat their ‘healthy’/sugar muffin, yogurt, fruit, breakfast sandwich.
    Random question: I like to cook with ground pork and make my own breakfast patties. I hear that you’re really not supposed to reheat pork for fear of food poisoning. Anyone else have any tips on the length they are okay between cooking and eating meat? I mean, I will eat week old roasted vegetables no problem, but I get freaked out after a couple of days of my protein sources sitting in the fridge. Haven’t made myself sick yet but would be great to know what rules everyone else is using.

    1. Katy, I’ve never heard that before about re-heating pork! If it’s true, I’m in trouble 🙂 I worry more about uncooked meat sitting for too long, but I’ll generally feel OK about eating cooked meat leftovers for around a week-ish. (If they last that long.)

  8. First time commenting on here! I focus on what food is on sale at the different stores I visit (their deals & specialties vary). I may use a recipe as a suggestion but I often end up tweaking it. I rarely first get a recipe and buy exactly what it needs. Then again I have a pretty good stocked pantry/spice cabinet so most of the time it works. Some days end up being more stressful or exhausting and I don’t feel like making a huge cooking effort. I tend to cook in bulk on a Sunday afternoon. I’ve been enjoying your podcasts!

    1. Essie, thank you so much for commenting and for listening to the podcasts! I love hearing from new folks. Sounds like you’ve got your routine (or lack of one) down! I don’t always meal plan – as long as I have some ground beef, an onion, some eggs and sweet potato it’s pretty easy to get by!

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