The Homestead, Week One. Epic, with an epic Autocorrect.

Warning: this post is not safe for anyone who hasn’t graduated from 5th grade sex ed.
If you’ve been listening to my facebook or twitter chatter, or you’re a regular Balanced Bites Podcast listener, you may have heard me chatting a bit about the next big phase of our lives.
No, we’re not buying a pontoon boat.
We went bigger and better! And less floaty.
We bought a little homestead! 15 acres with a spectacular front-yard view, a barn, and a front porch.
“Porch sitting” is the official sport here.

Why did we do this? Simple: blog fodder.
I’m KIDDING. Actually, it’s hard to put everything into words. We just felt it. We wanted the space, the change, and the reward. So an opportunity arose, and we made it happen.
You know how people tell you “you’ll never be ready” to have kids a pontoon boat, so you should just go for it? Well, we’re not ready. Not even a little bit. But here we go.
So, we’re jumping right in here. Epic is the word. Here’s what we’ve done so far:

We went “goat shopping.”


We (well, he) played with new toys.

We introduced the Paleo Pooch to the neighbors. He was very interested.

When he realized he couldn’t eat them (or the barn cat, for that matter), he was over it.

No seriously, guys. He was over it.


And then I got the best text message ever of my entire life ever.
Sendee’s name has been changed to protect…the inadvertently perverse.
(But thanks for thinking of me and the Worm Farm.)

Just so you know…our homestead is not a sperm farm.

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20 Responses

  1. Rolling on the floor right about now 🙂 Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! I’m a little jealous!

  2. What did you purchase the goat kids for? Meat or milk (both obviously at a later date). If for milk I can help you with any questions you may have!

  3. I think you’re missing out on all the cuteness of the baby chicks. Of course, since you don’t have little kids, perhaps the fun and cuteness isn’t your thing, and worms are more your style 😉
    Seriously, though, baby chicks are pretty dirt simple (not quite as dirt simple as worms, mind you, but I digress). They’re awfully cute, very playful, and simple to care for. Give them food, water, warmth, and you’re done!
    You two seriously need baby chicks. Oh you need a duck too! Ducks are awesome, and I can totally see you walking around the yard with Quackers the CaveDuck waddling after you!

  4. So jealous! Always been a “city” type of girl, but man, I feel like having my own farm would be amazing. Just not sure I could commit to all that hard labor, haha. I’ll be looking forward to all your homestead/farming posts! It’s so exciting to live vicariously through you for now, haha! 🙂

  5. I am so excited for you! We started our homestead adventure three years ago and it has been wonderful! I am excited to see how the goat stuff works out for you guys…I’ve been toying with the idea of getting one as a pasture pal/lawn mower. We have three pups, two horses, a barn cat, and 12 chickens at this point…but the collection is always getting a bit bigger, so we may be in store for a goat. When you get ready for your chickens, I HIGHLY recommend getting onto It is a fantastic resource and community. You won’t be disappointed, promise. Good luck!

  6. Congrats! That is so awesome and you will love it! I grew up on a hunting club in the country and while there were times I disliked it because I wasn’t close to my friends, I now look back and am so appreciative. Both my husband and I would eventually love to have property with farm animals and maybe even a “sperm” farm of our own 😉

  7. LOL!! That is just too funny!! Anyway, congrats on the new place – it looks great. I have to admit, I’m jealous. I’m in a small, rural town, but only have 1/4 acre and my neighbors are entirely too close. Enjoy this new phase in your life!

  8. I have been listening to your journey and can totally relate. I never really felt “at home” in the city or suburbs….we moved to our small homestead a year ago and I finally feel at home!! I just love it – we are big into gardening but also raise rabbits. Our area is too small and hilly for goats, but we are hoping to add chickens next year (maybe sooner if the ticks don’t settle down!!). I really want a hair sheep but can’t get hubby to go along (yet).
    I also recommend – I have learned so much from that forum, and if you are having a problem, just post your question and learn from others’ experiences!!
    Good luck and have fun! Just try stuff and see what works 🙂

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