Modern Farm Girls Podcast 0019: Life & Death on the Farm

On this episode of the Modern Farm Girls Podcast, we talk about life and death on the farm. Catching Up with Liz & Diana Vinland in Portland Maine Diana’s Homegrown Paleo Cookbook Tour Busy time on the farm for vegetable farmers Farm Stand opening at Clark Farm on July 10 Beyond Paleo Food Freedom Festival […]

Are Omega 3 eggs healthy? The truth about Omega 3 eggs…

Are Omega 3 eggs healthy? While you probably know how I feel about egg yolks, there’s always more to know when it comes to our food. Lookit: I’m not trying to make everyones’ lives harder by getting all controversial over a perfectly healthy food. Eggs are good for you. What I AM trying to do […]

Modern Farm Girls Episode 002: keeping chickens 101

Modern Farm Girls Podcast Episode 002: keeping chickens 101! We’re Diana and Liz, real food radicals bringin’ backwoods back. YO: This podcast is co-hosted by my farming friend Diana…my OTHER podcast, the Balanced Bites podcast, is co-hosted by my foodie friend Diane! Two different, equally awesome people with very similar-looking names! Episode 2 of the Modern […]

The Featherneck Country Club! (Or, chicken coop: expectations vs. reality)

When we moved to the homestead I had visions of many things: a prolific garden, gentle milking goats, and composting toilets (just kidding). But I was mostly excited about getting chickens. We would have fresh, brown eggs and beautiful, feathered friends to entertain us when all the good TV is in its off-season. Our dog […]

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