Some Collard Greens!

At the risk of sounding like a Kansas Hillbilly to my New Jersey audience (hi Husband!) I proclaim that I have found a new food to explore: Collard Greens.
I have never had them before this evening, but I needed something quick and I’d bought a (bushel? peck?) of CGs in a sprint-through of the produce section of Wegman’s on Sunday afternoon. (I do NOT recommend said strategy.)
Being too lazy to find a recipe on the internet, I tore up the greens, tossed them into a skillet and proceeded to saute them with a dab of bacon fat and some chunks of pear. Towards the end of the process, I added some chicken breast. The greens have an intriguing solid crunch despite having been lightly cooked and are quite delightful to chew.
Voila! Five minute dinner. Add a pinch of sea salt and you’re the Hillbilly Gourmet.

Liz tested, Cal approved.

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