Skincare Saturday: healing clay masks

I am absolutely obsessed with many things: Nick at Nite. Gelatin gummies. Sardines.
But one thing rivals all these obsessions: my obsession with clay masks for skincare. They are a non-negotiable part of my routine. I nearly always use a base of Aztec or Redmond, and I’ll add things like a pinch of Redmond salt or soothing, anti-inflammatory Matcha powder. (That’s why the mask in the photo is so green!)
I often use Apple Cider Vinegar or this homemade toner as the liquid instead of simple water. The sky is the limit!
This week’s Skincare Saturday was written by the Purely Primal Skincare Guide communications manager, Amanda, who shares my love for rubbing muck all over her face. Love it!
Check out the full post by clicking here.

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