Skin Care Beverage: Ginger-Lemon Morning Tonic

This is, hands down, one of the most IMMEDIATELY impactful additions to a skin-care routine that nourishes from the inside-out.
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      1. That’s up to you 🙂 as long as you aren’t addicted to sugar (which only you can assess), I don’t see any harm in adding a dab of pure unfiltered honey – a brand you trust isn’t “cut” with high-fructose corn syrup, of course!

  1. Just bought fresh ginger tonight so I could try this. LOVE it! Can’t wait to start my very early morning with it tomorrow. I am hoping it might help me cut back on coffee a bit.

  2. I had a reader mention that she started drinking this every morning and has noticed great results with her digestion and skin. I wanted to send you another testimonial. 😉
    I love that the info is being shared through an NTP and NTC. I’m in the NTP program right now, and I’m loving it. Even after 2 intense years of study on my own, it’s a whole new ballgame!

    1. That is AWESOME to hear! (That your reader is loving it, and that you’re going to be an NTP!)
      I remember during the program thinking to myself…this is REALLY awesome. A rich source of fantastic information, presented in an accessible and practical way.

  3. Can limes be substituted and as effective as lemons? I am struggling with clearing my skin! I have been following the guide for almost 2 months now and still horrendous breakouts! I was doing castor oil/sunflower oil blend and got worse. I switched to African Black soap and it has been better then it was when I was using oil. I use unfiltered cider vinegar/water as my toner in the morning followed by Green Pasture Beauty Balm. In the evening after cleansing I use Jojoba Oil to moisturize. I am 100% paleo…. what else could I do or info that I can provide to you – ie foods I consume that could pin point why I am still having these horrible breakouts? Thanks Liz!

    1. Are you following the suggestions for healing your digestive system? In the grand scheme, 2 months is not all that much time. Evaluate whether you need some digestive healing, and if so, get to work on that 🙂
      Limes are not the same as lemons, unfortunately, for these purposes. Bummer, because I love lime!

      1. Hi Liz! I like to think that I am working on healing my digestive system, though I am getting a lot of resistence from my family and not eating grain! They think it is completely unhealthy, but when I was vegetarian they saw nothing wrong with eliminating that food group! So trying to dodge their attempts at sabotage – Here is what I am eating. Breakfast is eggs, sausage or bacon cooked in coconut oil and lots of veggies. My typical veggie choices are – squash (spaghetti and butternut), brussel sprouts, mushrooms, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, greenbeans, pea pods and bok choy. I am going to eliminate nightshades to see if that helps with my recent outbreak, which was pretty bad. I was eating a lot of peppers and tomato. Lunch is 4 to 6 oz protein – grass fed beef, canned salmon from TJ’s, sardines, chicken, turkey, etc. Dinner is much the same. I do have dessert of coconut flour with almond milk, cocoa powder and almond butter.
        Sorry I rambled – but frustrated and no “poo” is making my hair look it and it’s really dried out! Ouch!

  4. Hey liz just had some tea this morn! From the picture it just seems that the ginger is in the glass and not in a strainer or anything. You’d just grate it right into the glass and let it settle at the bottom?

  5. Can I add a tiny bit of raw honey or pure maple syrup? I didn’t exactly loved the flavor but I really want to give this tonic a try! Thanks!

  6. Hi Liz – Thanks so much for this wonderful website.
    I have spent most of the afternoon – clicking, and ‘open in new tab’, just to make sure I’m not missing anything.
    I have adjusted my shopping list too. I have been on the Paleo (100%!) for two weeks. I am sure this will change my life, and – I am sure I can already feel the benefits!

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