Primal Honeymoon

The further I trek down this Real Food path, the more I realize that this way of life is intuitive and oh-so easy. There are no “eat-this-not-thats,” no finger-wagging or “that’s not alloweds;” rather, the more you know, the easier it is to understand how to navigate the “concrete jungle” in a perfectly sated, perfectly happy Paleo state.
I know, for example, that grass-fed is better. That local grass-fed is even MORE better. Standard dietary advice that includes weighing, measuring and calorie counting is generally ridiculous and unnecessary. Bread is never as good as the rest of the stuff on the table, and the company you’re with is the best part of a good dinner.
Our Honeymoon in Greece (finally!) was no exception. While I enjoyed a few things that I don’t usually choose, like yogurt and cheese, none of those things are “deal breakers.” They were delicious, locally produced, and fit perfectly into the Primal Plan for the trip.
Though we had a few breakfasts of PaleoKits, we also enjoyed a few Greek omelets and fresh yogurt with honey & walnuts, along with plenty of Espresso Doppio.

PaleoKits in Sifnos, Greece.

Greek Omelet with tomato.

You can put a Greek salad on anything.

The Greek Yogurt was thick and somewhat tart.

Next, a daily ritual of sharing a real Greek salad of locally-grown veggies with regional olive oil. A block of “Sifnos Cheese” or “Milos Cheese” (locally produced from pastured sheep and feta-ish) tops chunks of tomato and cucumber with onion, green peppers, olives and capers.

A few favorite dishes involved chickpea, tomato, or squash chopped with herbs, shaped into patties and lightly fried. Tzatziki and olives were also high on the Cavehusband’s list.
Chickpea balls and olives.

Olives and Tzatziki.

“Pumpkins Balls!”

Lots of dishes involving lamb or pork stewed in famous Sifnos clay pots.

Lamb on the bone with potato.

Pork with apricot and pepper.

We also had an amazing day where we ate fresh-caught urchins and had fresh pork and veggies cooked for us on a deserted beach near Milos.
Sea urchins, caught and eaten within an hour.

The meat was brined in seawater.

And, of course, the fresh seafood.


Octopus and Ouzo.

Octopus stewed with wine & honey.

Fish Roe salad.

While we have more pics, I’ll spare you the multiple shots of grilled eggplant and peppers, stewed tomatoes, grapes and such. (Shout out to Cavehusband for being patient with the constant mid-dinner photography.) The point is – there wasn’t a single thing that I wanted to eat but didn’t; or ate because I felt I had to. Everything was fresh and delicious. That’s what food is SUPPOSED to be, right? What’s not to like about this Paleo schtick?

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