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There are some mornings when breakfast and lunch spring from the same inspiration. As we settle into fall, all I can think about is winter squash – acorn, butternut, spaghetti squash, and the always delightful pumpkin (gluten-free pumpkin loaf cookoff on the way this weekend)!
Today began with a very appreciative moment between myself and an acorn squash that’s been in the fridge for at least a month. This little trooper didn’t age a day in that month, and made a delicious breakfast – and soon, lunch – on this crisp morning.

Simply adorable.

Preheat the oven to 400 degrees. To prep the squash, simply slice off the stem and the point at the opposite end. Slice in half and scoop out seeds with a spoon – keep the seeds.

The flesh should be bright and firm.

Brush the orange parts with a bit of coconut oil and place cut-side down in a glass dish. Bake for about 35 minutes. While it’s cooking, you could get ready for work, clean up the kitchen, feed the dog, or check out Perez Hilton. (I’ll let you guess which task I undertook.)

Side note – is anyone else TOTES shaking their head at how quickly Miley grew up? I mean, HELLO leopard print!

While the squash bakes, toss the seeds in a bit of oil and add 1/2 Tsp. of Serrano Chili powder. Place the seeds on parchment paper and bake for the last 5-7 minutes with the squash, scooching them around once.

The Serrano Chili powder adds some intense heat.

Meanwhile, chop up half a Granny Smith apple and a few walnuts. Saute with 1 Tbs. cinnamon for about 5 minutes in lots of grass-fed butter or coconut oil. The smell of the cinnamon will put you in a great mood. Trust me.

Once the squash is done, place the apple mixture in the hollow of one half. Enjoy as part of your breakfast (supplemented by bacon, of course). This would also make a GREAT Thanksgiving side-dish, or even dessert!

The fat content from the butter or oil makes this a filling breakfast.

I also cooked up some Italian sausage from Cherry Grove Farm along with a can of organic diced tomatoes and tossed in some oregano, minced onion, garlic powder and thyme. While I don’t have the most delicate palate, I believe it’s hard to overuse these spices and they make such a great lazy-man’s tomato sauce when there’s no time for chopping or dicing. I’ll top the second half of the squash with the sausage-tomato mixture for lunch this afternoon.

So now you know everything about me. Happy Friday!

I’d also like to congratulate Cave Mom for successfully completing the All-Day Skillet yesterday! Cave Cooking only gets more fun, mom! Keep sending pics!

Way to go, Paleo Momma!
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  1. Another delicious one! I had an acorn squash I needed to figure out what to do with so this was good timing. LOVED the apples/walnut combo, I am definitely making that one for Thanksgiving side dish!

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