Mouth Money – 30 Days, Day 17

Wednesday, July 28, 2010
Pardon the late post! I had a Bieber fever that didn’t break until around noon. Tough life.
Breakfast: A delicious slice of Vegetable Quiche with blueberries on the side. This quiche is packed with veggies and made extra-delicious by the sun-dried tomatoes. I made the crust with hazelnut meal this time – the nut-based crust makes this quiche even more filling. I will admit that I kiiiiind of burned the quiche this time around – I may have forgotten about it in the oven – but it was delicious nonetheless.

Slightly overcooked...but still yummy.

Here is what the hazelnut meal crust looked like, pre-baking. I don’t stress about making a perfect crust – just something to coat the outside of the egg n’ veggie mix.
Having that crust texture on a quiche makes it more appetizing. Nut meal is a good place to turn for this.

Lunch: Leftover Sausage Stew. Like I said – I make this a lot. This was the last of my latest batch, so I’m going to try to move on to another idea. I’m not trying to win any Foodie prizes, so it often comes down to what I already know how to make and can make quickly – what do you think I do all day, COOK?
Dinner: A salad with mixed greens, peppers and tomato from the farm market. I added a leftover fish patty from the day before and drizzled with olive oil. Just before I dug in I noticed a sweet little friend was interested in joining the party – can you see him?
Isn't that nice?

It’s a trade-off sometimes. If you want fresh and delicious local produce you sometimes have to pick the inchworms off your greens. (Unless you’re the Caveman, in which case you ignore all warning text messages and enjoy the exotic flavors of Tinyus Wormus. And then make your wife giggle at you.)
Today’s Workout: This one was a doozy. After some pull-up work and Oly lift review we set into a workout that I was determined to do as Rxd. No scaling the weight. Watching my performance was probably much like seeing the Wiggles performing drunk, while attempting to lift 95# weights out of whatever flowerbed they crawled out of – but I think that was necessary for me to fight my way into doing WODs as prescribed. 5 rounds of 5 95# cleans, 5 95# front squats and 10 Burpees.
Sleep: Excellent. In bed early and up by 6. I find that I sleep much, much better when I don’t eat inside those 2 hours before bed. As I’m working out in the evenings, I try to have dinner first and maybe a light snack post-WOD. It has a profound bearing on my sleep quality.

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