Modern Farm Girls Podcast 0034: Interview with Bethany McDaniel of Primal Pastures and Primally Pure

On this episode of the Modern Farm Girls Podcast, we talk farming and skincare with Bethany McDaniel of Primal Pastures and Primally Pure.

  • Primal Pastures– farm in Southern California
  • Primally Pure– Skincare
  • Bethany’s passion for real food and wellness
  • Starting to farm without a farming background
  • Now raising chicken, sheep and pigs
  • Started with chicks- lack of pastures raised chickens in So Cal
  • Joel Salatin methods
  • Video showing the chicken tractor method
  • Grains in a chicken’s diet
  • Chicken breeds
  • Kune Kune pigs
  • Dorper Sheep
  • You Tube as an education tool
  • Chicken processing workshops on the farm
  • Sustainable shipping logistics
  • Raising children on a farm
  • Upcoming plans
  • Advice for budding entrepreneurs

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