Modern Farm Girls Podcast 0027: Chill Out & Eat Real Food

On this episode of the Modern Farm Girls Podcast, we talk about Diana’s epic New Zealand trip, animal shake ups on Liz’s farm, and chilling out and eating real food.

  • Diana’s epic New Zealand trip
  • Turkeys returned to Liz’s farm
  • Turkey butchering
  • Egg yolk & color
  • Liz’z goats find a new home
  • Profile of a goat farmer
  • Recap on Diana’s trip
  • Sheep in New Zealand
  • Colors
  • Emily Dean’s talk at ASF
  • Dan Pardi– sleep researcher
  • Paleo-Primal-Price Foundation
  • Conference November 21-22 in Southbridge, MA
  • Diana is key note speaker
  • Sustainability is greater than dogma
  • Sustainability & the nutritional pyramid
  • The vilification of red meat
  • Should be focusing on processed food
  • Brazil’s food policy
  • Synergy Health Limited– Brad Norris
  • Maori of New Zealand
  • AHS in Colorado August 2016

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