Liz’s weekly real food meal plan #2

I can’t get enough of my pressure cooker! It makes delicious meals that take a full day in the slow cooker in just about an hour.
The best way to be sure you stay on track and that your grocery budget doesn’t go to waste is to use a meal planner!
I’ve shared a few months’ worth of my weekly meal plans with you to help get you started. Have a look at the one below, then find ALL of them PLUS a blank planner for YOU to use on this page!
You’ll notice I eat very simply, and I repeat foods often. That’s because the quickest route to over-spending on groceries is thinking you need to eat something different at every meal.
My advice: Get boring. Repeat meals. Eat leftovers. Cook in bulk. With the time you save, you could read my book. Twice!
This week, I’m pulling from the following websites:

As well as the recipe book Gather for the Pumpkin Chicken Chili.
Other recipes are made according to the manual that came with my pressure cooker, or created simply (ground beef + sweet potato = both cooked until done in a skillet).

Again, download the blank meal planner and see 2 months’ worth of meal plans here.

HERE’S HOW I DO IT: I fill in the meals I plan to eat in the chart. As I go, I add ingredients I need to the shopping list (I don’t show my shopping list below, in case you’d like to use the plan for yourself). Easy!

meal plan week 2

Click the image for a larger view, or to print or save this week’s meal plan, view and save the online file or download the zip instantly.
This week’s bulk cooking is the Pumpkin Chicken Chili from Gather and basic baked meatballs!
More info:

  • These are “unofficial” meal plans. This is how I do it, and what I eat – this isn’t an official “meal plan program.”
  • Still, checking out what I’M doing is a great way to get ideas for YOURSELF.
  • I don’t usually snack; if I do, it’s hard-boiled eggs, nuts, coconut flakes, sardines (yep, sardines) or a PaleoKit.
  • COOK A FEW BIG BATCHES OF A FEW DIFFERENT THINGS ON SUNDAY (ie a bunch of sweet potato, meatballs, chili or hard-boiled eggs). You can pull from these all week.
  • I pull from FREE online recipes (which I link), and I also pull from recipe books I own. You might not have those books. Either get ’em, or improvise by inserting your OWN recipe! I’m not trying to make your life difficult by cooking from books you don’t have. I’m just using all the resources I have, and I encourage you to do the same!

Need accountability? Leave a comment when you’re done with YOUR weekly real food meal plan. I’m waiting to hear from you…
Thanks for reading, and happy planning!

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  1. Just a heads up that clicking the meal planner image does not give a larger view. Not on Firefox, anyway. Probably, the Pinterest script is preventing it.

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