My interview with EcoFit Mobile (aka: “flocking around” with Kevin & Brian)

What do you think: is the “flocking around” segment a keeper?
To say I had a rockin’ time talking to Kevin and Brian of EcofitMobile would be an understatement. These two dudes are FUN to chat with – we tackled all kindsa good stuff, including my NEW book Eat the Yolks!
Also, Brian sounds like he could do voice-overs for commercials for dark chocolate covered strawberries. Or…ya know. Something like that.
Just sayin’.
Click here, or on the video image below, to check it out! (I even did a little intro video for their peeps.)
I hope you enjoy!
Liz Wolfe on EcoFit Mobile
Thanks for reading (and listening!)
Liz Wolfe, NTP

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