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You guuuys! I figured out how to be awesome. This is it. The best part? You can be awesome too!
Part of my work in the nutrition realm is centered around working with at-risk populations to determine the best way to positively impact their health. I think that’s awesome. But, when it comes to awesome, I am also awesomely greedy. I am always hungry for more awesome.
My work with Steve’s Club National Program is part of my ongoing quest for World Dom-awesom-ination. This amazing program reaches at-risk youth by providing them with CrossFit training, mentorship, nutritional guidance (that’s my role!) and personal development programs. It’s a phenomenal organization with Local Clubs across the nation, and all those involved are doing great things!
Steve’s Club is very important to me, and during my time living in New Jersey I spent lots of time around the young athletes of the first Steve’s Club, Steve’s Club Camden. Camden, New Jersey has long been considered one of the most dangerous cities in the country, but Steve’s Club Camden creates a safe family amidst all the chaos.

Steve’s Club Camden has created a “Farm to Steve’s Club Athlete” program to provide a source of fresh, local CSA (Community-supported/sustained agriculture) vegetables from Robson’s Farm to the athletes of Steve’s Club. The youth  learn ways to prepare these fresh veggies too. Fantastic!

One month of CSA goodies costs just $100. The goodies are delivered directly to Steve’s Club. And I’m the first to sponsor this program! I’ve donated one month of good nutrition to the Steve’s Club athletes through their donation page. You can too!
If you’re interested in providing the athletes of Steve’s Club Camden with great nutrition, ANY donation helps. Just click here to support this movement!
If you ask me, that’s Awesome on a silver platter in a CSA box.

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