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The theme of my Every Last Crumb book review: Brittany Angell, the author, is really talented. And really dedicated to those who have to “live without.”
Every Last Crumb is a book by a Paleo person who is also an immensely talented allergen-free baker; Brittany strikes an amazing balance between the Paleo lifestyle and enjoyment of the art of baking in this book.
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You know how Facebook lets you stalk other peoples’ conversations? A few weeks back, I saw Brittany, with whom I share mutual friends, leave a comment on a Facebook thread to the effect of

I LOVE helping everyone I possibly can. If someone asks for a modification on a recipe, or a new recipe without (eggs/grain/gluten/nuts/whatever) for their favorite (bread/dessert/recipe/whatever) I’m going to go to the kitchen and work my tush off until I can make it happen for them!”

(Paraphrasing, obvi.)
Brittany’s compassion in that moment stood out to me, and when I received my copy of Every Last Crumb, I saw that she’s not only compassionate. She’s also beyond hardworking and talented. She’s not working for herself – she’s working for everyone else, too!
She’s created completely grain-free recipes that are exactly like our old favorites in taste and texture – without the allergens, without the gluten, and perfect for those with intolerances, food allergies, and overall Paleo taste buds who want something a little different that’s free of refined sugars, grains and dairy.
Be sure to check out the table of contents for a complete overview of what’s included in this book. Click here and select “look inside.”
This book isn’t an orthodox Paleo text. It strikes a balance between Brittany’s Paleo lifestyle and the art of baking using grain-free, refined sugar free and allergen-free ingredients.
Now, something you should know: these recipes extend across the spectrum of kitchen talents, from beginner-friendly to advanced. Brittany is very clear about this. What I mean is, I probably won’t try a few of the more “advanced” recipes, but they’d be a delight for those who absolutely love baking as both an art and a science.
Further, some of the recipes are fully geared towards seasoned bakers, utilizing ingredients that speak to the chemistry and the science of baking (think the ones with yeast and guar or xanthan gum, which drive important chemical reactions that are vital to texture and flavor) rather than the simple Paleo-friendliness of it. Sure, you can try to make a grain-free soft pretzel with nothing but almond flour, coconut oil and a prayer, but let’s be honest: it’s going to taste like sh!t.
This is definitely NOT a weakness of the book. In fact, it’s a strength. It really strikes out into new territory. There’s also a LOT for us “bad cooks” in there, and plenty for those of us who like to stick with almond flour, some sweet potato starch, and coconut oil.
Like the lemon poppy seed bread I made (and devoured) last night. So. Good. And elegantly simple! It was magical. The texture was perfect. The flavor was light and lemony. Nobody would ever know it was grain free!
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Every Last Crumb is available on Amazon and at bookstores nationwide. You can also visit Brittany Angell at her website!
Thanks for reading!

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  1. My copy was delivered this morning I CANNOTWAIT to go home and open that box!! Christmas came early twice this year (Mediterranean Paleo last week, hooray!).

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