Endermologie: a cellulite reducer turned health treatment!

Have you heard of Endermologie?

(Quick confession: I struggle to put Endermologie in my “Beauty” category, but let’s just go with it! It’s generally marketed as a full-body beauty technique, even though it’s so much more than that.)

I just posted a new reel on Instagram showing the Endermologie process. You wear a stretchy, hoisery-like suit and a skilled technician uses a device that provides both rolling and suction to pull and move the surface tissues.

Endermologie was originally developed as a skin treatment modality for burns and scarring, and used for surgical recovery post-liposuction. It then became apparent that Endermologie could change the appearance of cellulite, so marketing quickly shifted to a much larger audience!

I first started Endermologie treatments around 4 years ago (with breaks for pregnancy and pandemics). I admit, I originally wanted to see if it would help my cellulite. Truthfully, it didn’t change my cellulite at all. I’ve got a lot of it, and very fibrous tissue to boot.

That doesn’t mean it doesn’t work for cellulite at all – studies clearly show cellulite reduction for a percentage of users.

But the GOOD NEWS is, I stopped caring about cellulite (what a waste of life!) and started noticing the other, HUGE benefits of this non-invasive, massage-like procedure!

I came to love Endermologie for its overall health benefits, plus it feels good – so it’s like self-help and self-care at the same time.

Endermologie is

  • a kind of lymphatic massage,*
  • a myofascial release technique, and
  • an AMAZING circulation booster all in one.

*Note that true lymphatic massage is much more specialized; Endermologie does, however, target lymph flow!

And I can’t emphasize enough how POWERFUL all of these things are for overall health. Lymphatic massage is becoming more mainstream in the wellness world, and myofascial release is a HUGELY important part of preventing injury from exercise. And once you hit your 30s, it’s really crucial to keep injuries out of the picture – you can lose a lot of muscle mass in a very short time away from training.

Then, there are the overall benefits to boosting circulation. This sounds like it’s not a “thing,” but OH MY is it a thing! Improved circulation promotes efficient delivery of nutrients and oxygen to your tissues, and it enables the body to remove waste efficiently.

THIS IS WHAT WE’RE TALKING ABOUT when we talk about “detox” – the ubiquitous word people love to hate!

Endermologie, done consistently, makes me feel more clear-headed. It’s great for both recovery and preparation for my workouts. I feel more fluid, I move better than ever, and soreness is reduced dramatically. I just feel good.

Facial Endermologie is also available, marketed for its skin-firming properties due to its affect on collagen and elastin. I’ll do it now and then, especially if I feel like I’ve been carrying tension in my jaw or forehead; but I don’t do it often since I love the benefits of full-body treatments so much.

Plus, I’ve got limited time and money, so body Endermologie is where it’s at!

The price of Endermologie varies, but it’s often much less than a 1-hour massage; it’s also much less spa-like – you can get-in-and-get-out.

The best way to find a provider is to simply search your area + “Endermologie.” While the Endermologie website has a “search” function, it’s extremely buggy.

It’s likely that any Endermologie practice will be advertised for cellulite reduction, but strike up a conversation to see if the provider is tuned-in to the circulatory benefits, too. It’s nice to be on the same page!

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