Calcium, Posts Upcoming, and AutoCorrect.

“CPA” for short.
So I’m back from Cali. I slept approximately 20 of the last 24 hours. Dang, I’m old. I used to party 20 of 24 hours.* Now I need an hour of recovery sleep for every five minutes of travel. Sheesh.
Highlights of the Cali trip: Driving the 101 (breathtaking); Waxing patriotic with my extended military family; attending 2 amazing weddings of folks who deserve the utmost happiness; and water sports. I “got up” on my very first try at Wakeboarding. I even crossed the wake. This was, of course, followed by a spectacular wipeout, about which everyone was far more excited than my initial achievement. Jerks.
I guess it was pretty funny.

Our arrival back home wasn’t without drama. You’ll excuse my late post when you hear why. (I know, Wednesday is pushing it. I’m sure all 11 of you were waiting with bated breath. I say 11 because I’ve learned that at least 10 people accidentally accessed my blog last week searching Google for the phrase “waste of time.” Damn you, SEO.) I’ve got an upcoming review of Farmageddon in the lineup, as well as an exciting new breakfast experiment. So please don’t resign your readership, Gramma – at least, not yet.

I’ll let my iPhone tell the story, complete with boffs via autocorrect. Here’s my text conversation with the Cave Husband. I was mid-farm market and a bit disheartened with the veggie selection, as well as a bit upset about our furry child, who is apparently not playing well with others. (“Her” is the proprietor of our fantastic kennel, Canine Cottage):

So instead of writing for my own little blog yesterday, I started Googling solutions for my “problem jumper.” I still can’t believe my kid is the obnoxious one on the playground. Does this look like an indiscriminate playgroup humper to you?

Any advice would be appreciated. And yes, he’s fixed.

*And by “party” I mean “play scrabble.”

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5 Responses

  1. hee hee! You’re more brave than me with the wakeboarding stuff (I have glasses ((done w/ contacts – yes I’ve heard of them but they are a huge P.I.T.A.!)) so I think that I’m pretty scared of losing them – need sports goggles!)
    I have no advice on the dog sadly but he is a cutie butt.
    A fun waste of time site is 🙂

  2. No solutions for your indiscriminate humper, but plenty of empathy. Ours was fixed too. The only thing that curbed his unbridled passion was the injuries he incurred trying to hump a cat.

  3. Humping is a sign of dominance. I see girl dogs do it at the dog park to new dogs. Sound’s like your fella wants to be the leader of the pack. I’d say a firm ‘No’ and separate the dogs/person/sofa cushion.

    1. Eesh. He never used to do this. I guess our little guy is growing up. My biggest concern about this (over other behaviors) is that when it happens I’m probably not going to be in close enough proximity to respond swiftly to the concerning behavior. And he never even tries when he’s on a leash or at the house.

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