Athletic Mom is HERE!

My Athletic Mom program is HERE!

It’s the comprehensive follow-up to the crowd favorite Daily Fix mobility series and it’s ready for you NOW!

If you know EXACTLY what I’m talking about –

  • 8 Weeks of Fitness Training +
  • Easy Nutrition Planning +
  • Signature Eat-Play-Move framework +
  • Extras & Bonuses!

– you don’t have to wait. Just tap here!


The Athletic Mom team believes ALL moms are athletes – no matter your age, stage, or fitness level.

We designed Athletic Mom to treat you like the athlete you are, WHILE being accessible, doable, and FUN!

This program was inspired by all the moms (of all ages, stages and walks of life) who told me:

“I just want to feel ATHLETIC again!”

I heard from moms who hadn’t worked out for years AND moms who’ve done marathons and CrossFit competitions.

Something was missing. Something that would inspire motivation, confidence, and the connection that makes you want to keep going!

We think we cracked the code.

No matter where you are in your journey, whether you work out daily or never, this program is here for YOU. 

We combine

  • 8 weeks of 1:1-style fitness training using minimal equipment for maximum results
  • 4 workouts for each week to ensure you’ve got your fitness needs 100% covered
  • FULL video workouts plus a comprehensive video exercise library
  • Portable PDF with video links for those who just need the workouts in print form
  • Our 3-part nutrition plan to make eating well EASY
  • Bonuses! Recipes, an athletic warmup guide, and insight on how to USE YOUR ATHLETICISM (the secret ingredient to sustainable change)

Bonus: a portion of proceeds supports Every Mother Counts, an organization working to improve maternal health outcomes across the world.

Tap here for everything else you need to know about this program. 

There are LOTS of great fitness programs out there. But this isn’t just fitness. It’s athleticism for life.

Athletic Mom is designed for anyone who wants to stay healthy, capable, and strong – for their families, for their kids, for themselves – for good.

No more stopping and starting, feeling like a screw-up, or hating your gym time. 

No more feeling unsure about how to support your body with nutrition.

No more having no outlet for your athletic self.

With Athletic Mom, you’ll get an intentional plan for keeping you capable, confident, and excited about training for LIFE.

We can’t WAIT to welcome you to the program!

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