Balanced Bites Podcast #432: Alisa Vitti talks hormones & cycle synching, intermittent fasting, perimenopause denial, and more

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Balanced Bites Podcast #432 with Alisa Vitti

#432: Alisa Vitti is a researcher, author, thought leader for women’s hormonal health, a pioneer in femmetech, a US patent holder for her tech, and an advocate for gender equality in nutrition research. ‍

While attending Johns Hopkins University, she was diagnosed with PCOS. Her doctor painted a grim picture of her future and offered birth control as the only solution. Not willing to accept this as the only option, Alisa went on a quest to find alternative ways to heal.

Vitti has published 2 best-selling books—WomanCode and In the Flo. She uncovered the Infradian Rhythm and created The Cycle Syncing® Method which became a viral wellness movement on social with 5 million #cyclesyncing. Alisa founded Flo Living in 2001 as one of the first femtech entrepreneurs. The next-gen hormone care platform has gone on to help tens of thousands of women get to the root cause of their symptoms with its personalized programs, supplements, and a top-ranked hormone care app.

‍Today, she is focused on shifting the cultural conversation around hormone care and gender inequality in research and biohacking—leading the way to a better future for women’s health.


IG: @floliving

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