Balanced Bites Podcast #435: Kids, loneliness, and the 40s transition: going DEEP with Alannah DiBona

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#435: Alannah DiBona is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor with extensive training in eating disorders and performance psychology. Alannah has nurtured a treatment style that is holistic, strengths-based, creative, and infused with warmth and cultural competence.  She founded Windhorse Counseling to provide the supplemental care she felt her young clients needed outside of the school setting, and she enjoys working alongside Theo, her Bloodhound, who provides affection, compassion, and plenty of humor during treatment sessions.

A lifelong horseback rider and competitive equestrian, Alannah continues to enjoy riding her horse, Boone, and spends much of her free time swimming, perusing independent bookstores, and adventuring with Theo.

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