Addressing stretch marks naturally!

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Can you prevent and treat stretch marks naturally?
Not much is known about why certain people get stretch marks and others don’t. There’s likely a genetic component, as well as a nutritional one, when it comes to preventing or getting them. Hormones probably also play a role, as they impact the stretching of the skin and breakdown of its fibers in the formation of stretch marks. So many of real life’s nuances can affect how our bodies respond to different changes, and stretch marks are no different!
Woman showing her stretch marks over white ** Note: Shallow depth of field
The truth is, though, that just because one woman swears by, say, cocoa butter for the prevention of stretch marks doesn’t actually mean that cocoa butter prevented stretch marks! It could simply mean that person wasn’t going to get stretch marks in the first place.
That said, certain oils and treatments do have properties that can stimulate the healing and regeneration of the skin! Shea butter and mango butter are traditional remedies, and neroli oil may also help stretch marks. Rose hip seed oil has actually been studied to promote tissue regeneration, which holds promise for the addressing of stretch marks!
All of those natural approaches, however, require consistency and patience! They won’t work in a week.
Another topical treatment that I recommend is Primal Life Organics’ Belly Serum. While more expensive, it absorbs beautifully, is pregnancy-safe, and contains oils that are excellent for maintaining supple skin that is resilient to stretching.
When it comes to skin-strengthening nutrition, it’s important to provide the body with the raw materials for collagen synthesis as well as hormonal balance. For collagen synthesis, vitamin C, a cofactor for collagen formation, as well as supplemental gelatin, can help strengthen the skin from the inside. We like Vital Proteins and it may be beneficial to supplement with a whole-food-complex vitamin C and a collagen product at the same time. For a vitamin C that fits the bill, try The Synergy Company’s Pure Radiance C.
The nutrient L Carnosine is also important for collagen synthesis; it’s present in beef and poultry products but is not available from any plant sources. Following an anti-inflammatory omnivorous diet – as we outline in the Purely Primal Skincare Guide – will also help stave off skin breakdown!
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