Real Food Liz Radio 002: Kristen Boehmer of Living Loving Paleo talks recovery from life-threatening illness with Paleo!

On today’s episode of Real Food Liz Radio, I talk to Kristen Boehmer of Living Loving Paleo about surviving a life-threatening illness and recovering health & happiness with Paleo!
Kristen is one of my favorite people – be sure to check out her Instagram!
Kristen Boehmer on Real Food Liz Radio
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RFL Radio is my new, informal, FUN, goofy, generally awesome MONTHLY-ish (hey, time is scarce these days) podcast-tastic show that allows me to:

  1. rant, rave and talk to myself about nutrition, natural skincare, homesteading, and dumb movie quotes
  2. occassionally rope awesome, accomplished people into talking to me

Real Food Liz Radio is the casual, shorter, breezy, seat-of-the-pants cousin to the Balanced Bites Podcast. My advice? Listen to both!
Thanks for listening!

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2 Responses

  1. SUCH a great interview! And another great blog to read. I too have Crohn’s Disease (and went to fashion school, haha), so I really resonated with this interview. Here’s to continued healing and living the healthiest life!

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