Balanced Bites Podcast Episode #169: Surviving the Holidays & New Years Resolutions

Topics coming soon! Links: Plants Respond to Leaf Vibrations Caused by Insects’ Chewing, MU Study Finds Clip from Troll 2: “They’re eating her!…Oh my goooooood!” How to: Make Clarified Butter or Ghee Get the Skincare Guide   Subscribe to Real Food Liz!  Subscribe to  Click here to listen online The episodes are currently available in iTunes, Stitcher & Blog Talk Radio.  […]

MORE Real Food & Paleo gift ideas (all under $30!)

Okay, friends. The holiday season is upon us. No, this season need not be about gifts or material possessions – unless you want it to be (wink), in which case, it’s time you put together your list of real food & Paleo gift ideas! Everything on this list has changed my life/saved my fingers/made me […]

Perfect EDIBLE real foodie & Paleo HOLIDAY GIFTS! {hint, hint}

Here’s the number one feature of a perfect real foodie or Paleo holiday gift: it must be FOOD. (Unless it’s my best selling book, Eat the Yolks. Duh.) I’ve searched the farthest/furthest corners of Ask Jeeves the world for the best, most perfect, most exciting Paleo-friendly nifty-gifties out there. These are at the top of my […]

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