Balanced Bites Podcast Episode #170: The Wahls Protocol with Dr. Terry Wahls

  Topics: 1. What’s new for you from Diane [3:27] 2. Introducing our guest, Dr. Terry Wahls [4:24] How long should I stay strictly on the Wahls Protocol? [15:57]  Managing the Wahls Protocol with a busy lifestyle [19:37]  What if my doctor isn’t ready to listen? [23:35]  Ketogenic Wahls Protocol and Hashimoto’s [26:44]  Dr. Wahls’ take […]

Real Food Liz Radio 005: Ciarra Hannah of Popular Paleo & The Frugal Paleo Cookbook!

Ciarra Hannah of Popular Paleo talks Hashimoto’s, feeding a Paleo family, and her NEW book the Frugal Paleo Cookbook on Episode 5 of Real Food Liz Radio! Ciarra is all about saving money, enjoying real food, repurposing leftovers, and NOT eating food that sucks. (Check out her tequila carnitas recipe here.) Enjoy this episode of Real Food Liz Radio […]

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