Modern Farm Girls Podcast 0021:Food Issues in the News

On this episode of the Modern Farm Girls Podcast, we talk about current food events in the news. Update from Liz & Diana Bed sharing with Liz’s daughter Cry it out Method Tshirts for sale – No Farms, No Farm Girls Diana’s Book signing at Union Square Green Market Similarities between Veganism & Paleo Keeping […]

Balanced Bites Podcast Episode #203: Micronutrient nerd-out with Jayson and Mira Calton

Topics: 1. Introducing Mira and Jayson Calton [2:13] 2. The Micronutrient Miracle [9:26] 3. How to tell if we’re absorbing nutrients [13:46] 4. Supplements versus whole food approach [16:58] 5. Everyday Micronutrient Depletors [21:32] 6. Becoming sufficient in vitamin C [26:02] 7. Blood testing micronutrients [27:37] 8. Competition between micronutrients [29:51] 9. Micronutrient synergy in […]

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