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I am SO thrilled to be back in the podcasting world. I took a few years off at the conclusion of my award-winning, 8-year podcast partnership, but now my podcasting mojo is back in full gear. I can’t wait for you to hear the first episode of Liz Talks!

Liz Talks combines my love for food, beauty, family, REAL fitness, and (let’s be honest) oversharing into a 30-minute podcast designed to brighten your day, lighten your mood, and make you feel like you’ve got a friend in your earbuds!

This season gets personal! In current and upcoming episodes, I’ll talk:

  • Food (obviously) …
  • Recovering from an unexpected c section with my first daughter
  • Home birthing (a thing I never thought I’d do) with my second daughter
  • My 2 incredibly different pregnancy journeys
  • My journey through mental health modalities like therapy, EMDR and even medically-supervised hallucinogen therapy
  • Beauty hacks from red light therapy to oil cleansing 
  • REAL fitness, because #momsareathletes and you’re a badass
  • Making new friends as an adult 
  • Plus more on marriage, wellness, life, and lots of juicy questions I’ve been asked in my 10+ years in the wellness space!  

There are plenty of educational, expertise-y, and soapbox-y podcasts out there. This isn’t that. This is personal, talk-it-out, we’re-not-alone type stuff!

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