Download this free birth plan from the Baby Making & Beyond program!

Use this easy-to-read, downloadable/printable birth plan to prepare yourself for the birth process and communicate your preferences and boundaries to your birth team.

(It helps to have a seasoned advocate on your team, so we highly recommend engaging the services of a doula if you can!)

Grab GREENRED, and YELLOW markers or highlighters. Next to each item on the birth plan, fill in the circle with the corresponding colors:

GREEN if your answer is “yes!”
RED if your answer is “definitely not!”
YELLOW if you need more counsel before making a decision.

Note that with or without a birth plan, your providers are still responsible for giving you full informed consent for any procedure. (Some of this might be covered as part of your prenatal paperwork, so be aware!)

Feel free to use the notes section at the bottom of each page to write explanations or questions to go over with your provider(s). You can also write questions or comments next to each item.

Work on getting all your questions answered before the Big Day, if possible – consult with yourself, your partner, or any member of your birth team! If giving birth in the hospital or a birth center, don’t forget the maternity navigator – they are there to answer your questions, too.

You might go through several versions of your birth plan as new questions arise and your pregnancy progresses. This is perfectly fine – in fact, it’s a great idea to touch base and revise several times before go time!

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