The Featherneck Country Club! (Or, chicken coop: expectations vs. reality)

When we moved to the homestead I had visions of many things: a prolific garden, gentle milking goats, and composting toilets (just kidding). But I was mostly excited about getting chickens. We would have fresh, brown eggs and beautiful, feathered friends to entertain us when all the good TV is in its off-season. Our dog […]

Podcast Episode #107: special guest Michelle of Nom Nom Paleo!

[aff] Remember – If you’re enjoying these podcasts, please leave us a review in iTunes. Thanks! Topics: 1.  Paleo Blogger Michelle Tam of Nom Nom Paleo [1:55] 2.  ^Nom Nom Paleo new cookbook and iPad app [5:41] 3.  Graphic Design and Michelle’s “real world” job reconciliation [16:40] 4.  Shift work:  Sleep, clean eating, stress and […]

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