Carrot-Ginger Soup

This delicious soup is made entirely of whole foods and makes a delicious side dish. Because it relies so heavily on one root vegetable, I would encourage eating a small cup of this soup with a main dish of lean meat and a green veggie. Baby carrots endure an unforgivable amount of processing to give […]

Vegetable Quiche. And Happiness.

Eggs, clearly, are as much a staple of the Paleo lifestyle as lean meats and vegetables – but I admit the daily scrambles can become boring. Because I can’t always treat myself with (flax-free) Noatmeal or (my favorite) “SeeReal” of berries and walnuts in coconut milk, I was ecstatic to find a recipe for quiche crust […]

Banana Bread (Or, Cheating with a Banana)

Okay, call me a hypocrite with my “If I can’t make it, I won’t eat it” post, but despite the fact that I’m unable to produce my own honey, I think I earn a pass on this one – The Caveman is leaving for TDY and the Armed Forces does NOT feed its boys Paleo-Friendly […]

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