Your skin needs more than just water-soluble products and actives. To truly fortify your skin, nurture your lipid barrier with a skincare oil.

There are literally hundreds of skincare oil options that are specifically formulated to nourish and fortify the skin. While most oils are comprised of just that – oils – the addition of other lipids like squalane, ceramides, and cholesterol can add an extra boost.

Give your skin some time to adjust to the carrier oils (and essential oils, if applicable). Everyone is different. When you find the right one, you’ll know.

Note that skincare oils are sometimes also called serums. Make sure, when you hear the word “serum,” that you differentiate between water-based and oil-based. They do different things!

I’m currently developing a one-of-a-kind lipid serum with some incredible skincare partners – tap here to sign up for updates!

Favorite Fortifying Skincare Oils

$: The Ordinary Rose Hip Seed (add squalane for an extra boost).

$$: Primally Pure Oil Blends or Fancy Face Serum; Osea Hydrating Oil

$$$: Agent Nateur Ageless Serum; Tata Harper Beautifying Face Oil

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