Below are my favorite skincare products that I try to integrate into my routine regularly. It doesn’t always happen – because, LIFE! – but these are the products I have on-hand.

My routine also changes regularly – when the seasons change and when I find something I LOVE! This is what it looks like RIGHT NOW.

If I’m being lazy – which is more often than not – I might simply cleanse with a microfiber towel, use my 3 Power Steps, and call it a day.

When I’m being “good,” though, here’s what I do:

Cleanse: Osea Ocean Cleanser + Castor oil/Jojoba oil or Tata Harper Nourishing Oil Cleanser

Tone: None

Treat: I don’t use an AM or PM serum other than Power Steps RESTORE OneSkin + REPAIR Universal Protection Drops (contains vitamin C + niacinamide) morning and night.

Moisturize: I use Power Step REGENERATE Chara Omni cream morning and evening. I am also experimenting with Bluelene Methylene Blue night cream.

Fortify: I like simple Rose Hip Seed oil or Jojoba oil; Primally Pure’s Soothing Serum; and I am currently developing a lipid serum with some incredible partners – tap here to sign up for updates!

Protect: I don’t often wear sunscreen (I AM NOT PERFECT!) but when I do, it’s European sunscreen all the way – Anthelios UVMune. If this is not available, Beautycounter Sheer Defense.

Eyes: In the morning, Osea Ocean Eyes. In the evening, Chara Omni cream.

Extras: One of my favorite products of all time is the Beautycounter Charcoal Mask.

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