Although many companies market toners as an “essential step” in prepping the skin for other treatments, skipping toner is a great way to save precious skincare funds! That said, toners are especially useful if:

  1. You want a very simple, natural skincare routine and don’t plan on utilizing Power Steps or the Treat step (in this case, a toner can fill some – but not all – gaps); or
  2. You want to deliver additional water-based actives to your skin. Your Treat step exists for that very reason, however, so feel free to economize on toner.
  3. You don’t want to use an AHA or BHA acid exfoliant product at another point in your routine. Not all toners contain exfoliants, but some do!


$: Homemade blend of rosewater and a dash of apple cider vinegar or rosewater and witch hazel extract. No preservatives – so store in the refrigerator!

Burt’s Bees Toners (all types); Thayer’s Toners (all types); Acure Face Mists

$$: Primally Pure Mists; Osea Mists

$$$: Tata Harper Essences; Beautycounter Countertime Essence

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