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Welcome to my Skincare Vault!

Note: At this time, the Vault focuses on anti-aging skincare.

I’m Liz. If you’re new to my work, here’s more about me.

I’m here to bring you my go-to, anti-aging skincare products. These products work. They’re formulated safely by reputable companies. In some cases, they’re third-party tested for safety and to be contaminant-free. And did I mention: they WORK?

The Vault is NOT meant to be an exhaustive resource. There are too many skincare brands and options out there to review them all! I can, however, share my tips for selecting your own skincare – and give you my favorites across several price points for you to choose from for each step in your skincare regimen.

Sometimes, the more expensive products are the more effective ones. Sometimes, it’s third-party testing, packaging, and sustainability initiatives that drive up the price.

Here’s why my approach is unique:

  • Smart Spending. I’m all about a smart skincare spend: dish out the money for products that REALLY work, and economize on the rest. While I give you “spendy” options for every category (there are some really great products out there, and if you’ve got it, spend it), your money is best spent on the Treat, Fortify, and Power Steps.
  • Power Steps. Speaking of a smart skincare spend, I’ve identified several POWER STEPS that can add incredible power to your skincare routine – or, if you want to streamline, even replace some of the conventional “steps.”
  • Nature + Science + Safety. It’s hard to strike a balance between these three things. I love natural products, but I also want to use the most effective, standardized, well-studied ingredients and extracts for anti-aging. My goal has been to find the products that take the best of nature and science, formulated without questionable ingredients or contaminants and – when possible – third-party tested.

Your Skincare Routine

Be sure to check out this downloadable PDF for all the details you need on the AM/PM routine steps I recommend.

Then, click through the links below to see my favorites for each price point. (If you’ve got something you like already, stick with that! These are just suggestions.)

When planning your routine, don’t forget to be flexible! Your skin probably doesn’t need everything, every day. Learn to “read” your skin – this can be as simple as what you THINK your skin needs (or what you have time for) on any given day.

As always, be sure to extend all facial treatments to neck, décolleté and hands.

Submit a product for review here.

Prefer to shop by brand or collection? Shop my favorite brands a-la-carte here. My favorite collection is Beautycounter‘s Countertime.

Just want to know what I do? My ideal anti-aging skincare routine FOR ME is here.


Your “power steps” are expensive, BUT they’re also the best money you’ll spend on skincare. If you can, shift your budget toward the power steps! You don’t need them all, but 2 out of 3 is a great start.

View my Power Steps here.


Remove the debris of the day and prepare your skin to receive active ingredients.

Pro tip: use manual massage techniques (this YouTuber has great how-tos) while cleansing to increase circulation and lymph flow. A Gua Sha roller isn’t necessary – you’ve got fingers!

View excellent cleanser options here.


This might be marketed as a toner, an essence, or a mist. In my opinion, this is the LEAST necessary step (and a great place to save money), since modern cleansers don’t manipulate the pH of the skin such that it needs rebalancing with a toner.

View great toner options here.


This step is critical for delivering reparative, nourishing ingredients and actives to your skin. Generally, “treatments” are called “serums” and are water-soluble (follow with lipid-based products in the Fortify step, below).

View top-notch treatments here.


Hydrating your skin is more than just keeping it from drying out. All processes of repair, regeneration, and nutrient transport require hydration at the cellular level.

View great moisturizer options here.

Feel free to double up or alternate step 4a with step 4b, below.


Your skin’s barrier isn’t just comprised of water. It’s also comprised of multiple types of lipids – and adding lipids to your skincare via skincare oils can be a game-changer!

View excellent, fortifying skincare oils here.

Feel free to double up or alternate step 4b with step 4a, above.


This one is simple and doesn’t require a special link! The sun causes photoaging. Let’s protect it!

The best UV filters are available only in Europe. If you have access to the European market, grab yourself some LaRoche Posay Anthelios UVMune. If not, try Countersun with blue light protection or, alternatively, a zinc-based facial sunscreen.


Some facial moisturizers work around the eye, and this is a great way to save on your skincare spend. That said, to eliminate guesswork, eye creams are specifically formulated without ingredients that might harm your sensitive eyes, like retinol and certain actives.

Find eye creams here.

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