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Roast Kohlrabi

A big thanks to Heidi, an awesome fan from the CGE Facebook Page, for providing the guidelines for cooking this very interesting vegetable! Kohlrabi. First,

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Cave Girl Goes to Asia

(A more accurate title would be “Cave Girl makes an Americanized Asian-influenced meal inspired by the Chinese buffet at Wegman’s.”) After the incredible deliciousness that

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Paleo Paella

I’ve always been wary of Paella. In Spanish II we learned that it was full of (gasp!) seafood – slimy, tentacle-y, non-beef seafood. For a

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Vegetable Who-Hash

This recipe is from Mark’s Daily Apple. I switched some of the proportions around and named it after my all-time favorite Christmas cartoon, but all

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Paleo Porridge

This is an extremely filling, very calorie-dense porridge that is truly delicious and perfect for a day where you need to plan for two very

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Rump Roast

Our trip to Giunta’s Prime Shop at Reading Terminal Market yielded some excellent “booty.” Hah! Here’s a simple, easy Slow Cooker Rump Roast recipe. It

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Sweet Parsnip Mash

*Update: I tried this recipe with 2x parsnips tossed in 1 Tbs. melted ghee, roasted at 350 for 1 hour-ish…The result was just a little smoother

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