Do you love functional fitness? We’ve got you covered.

If you enjoy strength training, but want to make sure you’re doing it intelligently…

If you like the idea of adding running to your routine, but feel like doing it right requires more than just strapping on some shoes and hitting the road…

If you know you need to pursue a well-rounded training routine to see results (and avoid injury, which can be devastating) long-term…

AND if you want to set the stage for a LIFETIME of varied, functional, FUN fitness…

You’re in the right place!

Liz Wolfe (that’s me!), co-creator of the Athletic Mom program, and Terilyn Adams, creator of the Rookie Runner program, have joined forces to offer you BOTH comprehensive programs for more than 66% off!

(This means that if you already own one of the programs, it’s STILL a better deal to grab the other in this bundle!)

These programs combine to get you mobile, flexible, prepared, strong, and as injury-proof as possible through dedicated preparation, step-by-step instructions, and smart training that you won’t find anywhere else.

Plus, together these programs give you an incredible variety of options for pursuing fitness…for life.

Bonus: you’ll even get a full nutrition module within Athletic Mom that will ensure you protect your gains with the right nutrition.

All you have to do is purchase the bundle at this secret link.

Once you check out, you’ll instantly receive access to Athletic Mom AND you’ll also get your link to access Rookie Runner.

We can’t wait to have you!


Do I need to be a mom to benefit from these programs?

No! Anyone who wants to train for the challenges of life – to develop true, long-lasting fitness and athleticism, and to feel capable and strong – is welcome.

I hate (running/going to the gym). What do you suggest?

The Rookie Runner program takes you step by step through everything you need to know to actually enjoy this life-enhancing skill! And Athletic Mom can be done anywhere with minimal time, space, and equipment. All you need are bands, a kettlebell, and a medicine ball and you’re set. (You can get this equipment for less than a fancy workout outfit!)

I already own one of these programs. Can I purchase this bundle and gift the extra membership?

Yes! Just make your purchase and reach out with your confirmation number. We’ll get you sorted!

See you in training!

Liz & Teri

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