Balanced Bites Podcast #458: Part 2 – Organic Olivia on Herbalism, Science, and Balance in Modern Life

#458: We’re continuing our conversation with Olivia Amitrano! Today, Olivia delves into her personal journey shaped by the medical struggles of her parents and her pivot towards holistic health. We discuss the spectrum of Western  and functional medicine, emphasizing the importance of making informed, personalized decisions for one’s body while exploring alternative wisdom and the nuances of herbal remedies.

In this episode, Olivia shares her thoughts on emotional health, the influence of our environment, and how to find balance in a rapidly changing world. Liz shares her transformative realizations, including her personal battle with anxiety and how expressive writing became a pivotal tool that changed her life. Olivia also introduces a surprising new therapy she’s been exploring (and it’s not what you think!). 

This episode is rich with insights on balancing the old and the new, the scientific and the spiritual, offering profound revelations for anyone seeking harmony and well-being. 

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