Liz Talks, Episode 41: Fragrance, phthalates, and stepkids; sun-protective clothing

Can you really get sun protection from clothing? Is a stepkid’s fragrance habit going to damage my little ones’ health? What’s the deal with teenagers and The Body Shop? Liz answers a few burning questions on this episode of Liz Talks. Liz Talks Episode 41 Updates [2:55] UPF clothing [5:44] Pre-teens, step-kids, and safer personal […]

Liz Talks, Episode 40: Home Birth Midwife Lindsey Meehleis

Midwife Lindsey Meehleis stops by to chat “great grandma wisdom,” informed consent, processing birth experiences (including Liz’s), breech birth, birth work, midwifery, and the women’s healthcare experience! This was SUCH a dense, juicy conversation and I’m forever grateful that Lindsey stopped by to chat. <3 Liz Liz Talks Episode 40 Introducing Lindsey Meehleis [2:22] Liz […]

Liz Talks, Episode 39: Euro sunscreens, advice when adding a new baby, early workouts!

Q&A! Liz answers questions about European sunscreens, gathers wisdom for a mama going from 1-2 kids, plus talks her realistic workout routine. Liz Talks Episode 39 Updates [3:35] Skincare [10:22] Future show plans [21:26] The Nutritional Therapy Association [24:58] Listener Q&A: European sunscreen [27:08] Listener Q&A: Early morning workouts [33:18] Listener Q&A: Introducing a new […]

Liz Talks, Episode 38: Chatting with Terilyn Adams from A Foodie Stays Fit

The amazing Terilyn Adams stops by to give a REAL review of the SNOO; talk baby sleep and her journey through severe postpartum anxiety and why she chose medication; and to share her passion for running, incorporating Athletic Mom into her training, and more! Liz Talks Episode 38 Personal Updates [2:07] Introducing Teri Lynn Adams […]

Liz Talks, Episode 36: Interview with Doula & Birth Plan advocate Elizabeth Joy Presta

Elizabeth Joy (@esandoz on IG) is a mom, doula, and birth plan advocate who is passionate about birth options, consent, and supporting parents through this extraordinary time with compassion AND an eye for the science around birth options.  Liz Talks Episode 36 Introducing our guest, Elizabeth Joy Presta [3:15] This phase of life [12:22] Work […]

Liz Talks, Episode 35: Liz talks husbands and exercise, mommy wine culture, and more!

This Q&A episode covers solutions for the “obliger” husband who wants to work out but needs a structure to make it happen; Liz’s thoughts on drinking and “mommy wine culture.”   Liz Talks Episode 35 Personal updates [2:37] Being an Obliger and working out [10:53] Mommy wine culture [18:11] Skin type and routine [29:12] Raising […]

Liz Talks, Episode 34: Parenting, cellulite, body image and more with Noelle Tarr of Coconuts and Kettlebells

Noelle Tarr, internet entrepreneur and founder of and the Strong From Home program, stops by to chat parenting, cellulite, body image, and more.  Liz Talks Episode 34 Noelle’s beginning into fitness [16:06] Dialing in on a healthy relationship [31:48] Diet culture and shame [39:35] Women’s bodies and cellulite [46:36] TRANSCRIPT Liz Wolfe: Let’s just […]

Liz Talks, Episode 33: Bug Safe Summer! DEET, natural repellents, and alternatives!

Is DEET dangerous? Are there alternatives that work well, without the downsides? And do “natural” bug repellents really work? Liz talks how to protect yourself safely this summer, PLUS why you shouldn’t use sunscreen with bug spray. (Yep, it’s true!)  Liz Talks Episode 33 Personal updates [2:31] Sunscreen updates [13:07] Main topic: Bug safe summer […]