Liz Talks Podcast, Episode 29: Abby Epstein talks the Business of Birth Control

Abby Epstein, alongside Ricki Lake, is the filmmaker behind The Business Of Birth Control as well as The Business Of Being Born and More Business of Being Born. She’s a fierce advocate for informed consent and for bringing nuance and truth to the cultural conversation around birth control. Liz Talks Episode 29 Introducing Abby Epstein […]

Liz Talks Podcast, Episode 27: THE SUN (AND SUNSCREEN) EPISODE!

Liz talks myths in the holistic AND conventional space about the sun and sunscreen, clarifies confusion about what sunscreen CAN and CAN’T do, and gives her updated approach to the sun and sun protection. Liz Talks Episode 27● Baby Making and Beyond update [1:21]● The sun and sunscreen episode [4:01]● Sunglasses lead to sunburn? [9:51]● […]

Liz Talks Podcast, Episode 25: Breastfeeding & body changes; prometabolic eating

Liz talks body composition changes and breastfeeding:  -why programs and protocols don’t work; -why restricting carbs or calories is a BAD idea; -why the idea that “the weight melts off” is stupid; -why it’s OK to wish something was different about your body…and how to handle it.  She also answers a question about “prometabolic eating” and talks Dr. […]

Liz Talks Podcast, Episode 24: Dr. Naomi Whittaker, OBGYN/NaPro fertility surgeon, talks progesterone, pregnancy loss, & NaPro technology!

Naomi Whittaker, MD, is an OBGYN and NaPro fertility surgeon specializing in the Creighton Model FertilityCare System and NaProTechnology, which works cooperatively with a woman’s body to treat the underlying cause of gynecologic issues and infertility, such as endometriosis and PCOS.  TRANSCRIPT Liz Talks Episode 24 Liz Talks Interviews Dr. Naomi Whittaker [2:50] NaPro Technology […]

Liz Talks Podcast, Episode 23: Exercising with your menstrual cycle, dragon’s blood skincare, & stem cell marketing (+ a diaper cream overshare)

Liz talks exercise response during the menstrual cycle and whether it’s worth tracking; new finds in skincare, including placental stem cell cream (PS: does your “stem cell cream” REALLY contain stem cells?) and the essential oil “dragon’s blood.” Finally, she traces the turn of events that helped her realize that lavender oil is evil and […]

Liz Talks Podcast, Episode 20: Dr. Blodgett of Blodgett Dental Care talks about holistic dentistry, root canal removal, and implant/replacement options after an extraction.

Liz and Dr. Blodgett talk about Liz’s experience traveling to Blodgett Dental Care for a root canal extraction; human psychology and dentistry; energetics, energy work and dental care; post-extraction options and implants; and how to find a holistic/biological dentist. Find Dr. Blodgett @blodgettdentalcare on Instagram and through his “Toxic Tooth Tour.” TRANSCRIPT Liz Talks  This […]