Balanced Bites Podcast #420: Is DEET safe? & what bug repellents are the safest?

Balanced Bites Podcast

Listen on Apple Listen on Spotify Balanced Bites Podcast #420: Is DEET safe? #420: listener questions DEET safety, science & alternatives to DEET, picaridin alternative, tick removal and more – so you can have a bug-safe summer! Picaridin bug spray Thanks for listening to the new Balanced Bites Podcast! PLEASE take a moment to subscribe […]

Balanced Bites Podcast #418: Keeping functional nutrition FUNCTIONAL and the amazing human potential for healing with Andrea Nakayama

Andrea Nakayama

Listen on Apple Listen on Spotify Balanced Bites Episode #418 with Andrea Nakayama #418: Andrea Nakayama talks integrating personal tragedy; how “everything is connected, we are all unique, and all things matter;” what she’ll NEVER recommend on a podcast; trauma, weight loss physiology, what the patient-practitioner relationship SHOULD look like, and much more. Visit: Read: […]

Balanced Bites Podcast #417: Where functional medicine gets it wrong (& LOTS more) with the Funk’tional Nutritionist

Funk’tional Nutritionist Balanced Bites episode

Listen on Apple Listen on Spotify #417: Erin Holt (the Funk’tional Nutritionist) talks the truth about lab testing, functional medicine, Gwyneth Paltrow, and more! Erin is an integrative and functional nutritionist with a feisty attitude and over a decade of clinical experience. She blends evidence-based practices, functional lab testing, energy medicine, boundary setting & humor […]

Balanced Bites Podcast #415: Built To Move with Juliet Starrett

Balanced Bites Podcast #415: Built To Move with Juliet Starrett

Listen on Apple Listen on Spotify #415: Juliet Starrett is a health and fitness entrepreneur, author, attorney, podcaster, and former professional athlete (and one of the most decorataed competitive whitewater athletes in the world)! Along with her husband, Kelly, Juliet Starrett is the co-author of the New York Times, Sunday Times, and Wall Street Journal […]

Balanced Bites Podcast #414: Meet Teena, the period & body literacy app for teens

Holly Griggs-Spahl Teena App

Listen on AppleListen on Spotify About the Teena App Episode 414 topic: Holly Griggs-Spahl talks educating tweens and teens about their bodies, why 8 is a good age to start, where conventional approaches go wrong, and how to use the Teena app! Find Liz on Instagram: @realfoodliz Real Food Liz | Eat The Yolks | […]

Balanced Bites Podcast #413: Supplements Liz Loves: Chatting with Primeadine creator Leslie Kenny about spermidine, anti-aging, and health

Leslie Kenny

Listen on Apple Listen on Spotify #413 Topics: Purchase Primeadine (spermidine) signature and gluten-free at Oxford Healthspan: Use code LIZ10 for 10% off your order! Resistant starch & the gut biome Spermidine, autophagy & inflammation Spermidine from Primeadine vs. other sources Leslie’s autoimmune journey of healing Primeadine for hair, skin and nails Primeadine for […]

Balanced Bites Podcast #411: Intermittent fasting: a gut check with Michelle Shapiro, RD

Listen on Apple Listen on Spotify Episode #411 Topics: Types of fasting Why do people fast, really? Who is “eligible” for fasting Male biohacking vs. female fasting Circadian eating Coddling vs. compassion The Wolfe Protocol Transcripts are automatically generated, so may not always accurately reflect the words/phrases used or the individuals speaking. Welcome to the […]

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