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I say this in ALL CAPS because it’s JUST THAT IMPORTANT.

This post is not a response to the sorrow of the last few weeks or the conflict of the last few years. It’s not meant to be a counter to the events of the last few decades or anything in this world we find difficult to accept or process. It’s just about LOVE.

I want you all to know how much I love you. Whether you’re surrounded by family or flying solo; whether you feel alone or you’re filled with the warmth of the season; you are loved.

Whether we know each other or not, I love you because we’re in this life together. Seriously. I love you.

Thank you for being part of my journey, and for all that you are – every day of the year.

Love, Me


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  1. micky says

    What a load of utter bullshit! You don’t love people you have never met. You’ve clearly been watching too many crap American movies where people tell each other they love each other without even knowing what real love MEANS.

  2. Debbie B. says

    Right back at ya :) Thanks for helping me when I had consult with you in the spring. Might be calling you again soon for a little “tune up”. Love your podcasts with Diane. Awesome! Keep it up. We are in this together girlfriend!

  3. Mary Kay says

    Micky, I love you too. Our purpose here is to love one another whether we have met them or not. If there was more love shared with everyone we would all be happier. Here’s to a blessed and happy 2013.

  4. Sara D says

    Liz, thank you so much! Love you too and all the work you do! You are my favorite part of the Balanced Bites Podcast. You are so knowledgable, yet humble and silly at the same time and I really appreciate that.

    Thanks for being true to yourself and sharing this with us. It’s very cool to see someone in the public eye just be themselves.

    To all who say you can’t love everyone, I think you are misunderstanding the meaning and value of love. I love you anyway, even if you feel jaded about it!

    Thanks, Liz, for the inspiration!

  5. Kelly says

    Screw the haters! I know exactly what you mean and I want to tell you that YOU ARE LOVED TOO! You and Diane are little birds on my shoulder every time I start to hate on my body. After a really rough year that started with a painful injury that left me unable to work out or clean my house, left me barely able to stand in the kitchen and cook, travel, drive and work with much pain and do little else but try to find a comfortable way to lay down and rest, I gained weight and lost my chiseled 6-pack abs and a lot of conditioning. I was down and depressed and have been very confused about what’s been going on with my body, but I needed to physically heal. I deeply appreciate how you constantly remind me to be happy in my own skin…because I am healing and other than the injury, feeling pretty darn great inside (no digestive issues, able to laugh, less obsessive-compulsiveness about exercise and all the surface stuff). It’s been almost a blessing in disguise. I can’t thank you enough for being a source of sanity for me…and that’s why YOU ARE LOVED by me!

    • says

      Thank you so much for this comment, Kelly. I respect your work and your thoughtful approach! Just think about how many women need your message…You definitely helped remind ME today (in my post-holiday state) of a few important things. Thank you!

  6. Kristin S says

    You too, are so loved, Liz! (was that grammatically correct?? :) )

    I have learned so much from you this year after I began listening to your podcast back in February. I have never felt so amazing and healthy, nor so comfortable with the few extra pounds I’ve put on now that I’ve been feeding myself lots of grass-fed butter, bone broth and lots of avocados and eggs!

    Keep doing what you do! You will always have a fan in me.

    • says

      Sounds good to me! :) I always laugh at myself for being concerned about grammar even as my emoticon use gets more and more frequent. I LOVE hearing that you feel amazing and healthy with a few extra pounds. That’s how I feel, and I’m NOT going back! Keep in touch!

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