What to do when you get a ZIT (video + outtakes)

I’ve tried every zit treatment under the sun. (Short of using Screech’s zit cream from Saved by the Bell. Thankfully. We all know how that turned out.)
Now, I stick to natural remedies – with one exception. It’s not super-wonky toxic junk, but it isn’t totally natural. It’s OK. Sometimes you need a little something extra.
I talk about all the surprising factors that go in to developing blemishes, many of which I dealt with in the last month, in my Purely Primal Skincare Guidewhere I also talk about a few more great spot treatments.
Check out my video on a few good remedies for zit-zapping, and check below the video for links to the products I shout out!

The Purely Primal Skincare Guide
Acne Stop
Primal Life Organics Banished
Egyptian Magic
Rhassoul Clay
Rose Water

Thanks for reading & watching! Please leave YOUR advice in the comments.

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20 Responses

  1. I use diluted tea tree oil when I get a zit. Seems to work pretty good but I’d like to give this a shot.

  2. Liz I cannot thank you enough for your blog, your guide, Eat the Yolks and sharing your story. You have honestly changed my outlook on food and have cleared my skin with your incredible natural ways. I probably sound like a creepy super fan but whatever… it’s true. You’re so gorgeous and your videos are always so helpful because I learn so much. I can’t thank you enough!

    1. Amy, thank you SO much! That really means the world to me! Seriously. I appreciate every morsel of feedback and every kind word. Makes it all worth it 🙂

  3. This post couldn’t have come at a better time for me!!! I am having THE worst break out I’ve had in sooo long!!! I’ve been eating Paleo since January & everything was just fine until about 2 weeks ago & literally my face is a disaster…like intense zit explosion all over! Like I’ve had to ice parts of my face to help the swelling…eyecarumba, 49 year olds are not supposed to have acne!!! Super sad face! Anyways, I will for sure be trying a few of your suggestions Liz…you’re quite possibly an answer to my prayers right now!! Mucho, mucho thanks!!!

  4. Night made! Just read some Eat the Yolks followed by your video! Oh and I listened to a BB podcast earlier…I’m obsessed. I use essential oils on my face, specifically Frankencense and Melaleuca. I apply both every night and coupled with a real food diet, my skin stays clear!

  5. I would suggest Bee Magic instead of the Egyptian Magic as it is the same ingredients and is organic plus less expensive. It’s awesome!

  6. My non-natural go to is Benzoyl Peroxide for spot treating a breakout. It’s the only thing I’ve found that works for me. Fortunately these occurrences are minimal thanks to a real food nourishing diet. I switched to the oil cleansing method a couple of years ago and LOVE it! Thank you for introducing me to this Liz! I’ve recently been experimenting with Frankincense essential oil. So far so good…it’s supposed to help dry skin. It completely healed a wart on my foot that I had been trying to get rid of forever!

    1. I was just having a conversation with Real Food RN about Frankincense! Getting my learn-about-therapeutic-grade-essential-oils on 😉

  7. I know this isn’t all natural but the ingredients also don’t seem horribly unnatural. I have had amazing success with Mario Badescu buffering lotion. I have fought a war with cystic acne and I am finding that if I apply several layers of this at night, things can either be prevented or will heal faster. I am also trying oil cleansing now and have high hopes! Thanks for sharing your knowledges, Liz! PS here are the ingredients– am I killing myself lol? Ingredients: Deionized Water, Isopropyl Alcohol, Sodium Sulfate, Zinc Oxide, Hydrolyzed Serum Protein, Hydrolyzed Yeast Protein, Pyridoxine, Niacinamide, Panthenol, Propylene Glycol, Allantoin, Biotin Good for these Skin Types: Combination, Oily

    1. Hey Michelle! Well, if it works I’d have a hard time giving it up…and since you aren’t using it every day, all the time, I’d say you’re probably OK. I don’t love hydrolyzed proteins or PG, but like I said…as a spot treatment, I give my “permission.” Actually, in the skincare line I’m developing, I’m hoping to make some products that are “natural plus…” As in, using not necessarily oils and such (those bases are well covered by some amazing and passionate people!) but using constituents like responsibly sourced topical vitamins (niacinamide and biotin, for example) that are proven clinically to work. Kind of like taking “natural” and giving it a boost for those who need a little extra power without going over the edge with added unnecessary chemicals!

  8. Liz, thanks for these tips! I am have been struggling with acne for over a decade… this helps manage it in the context of my new oil cleansing routine.
    FYI to those watching the video – DO follow Liz’s advice on the moisturizer after the salicylic acid! I didn’t for week (shame on me!) and my skin became red, splotchy, and dry… but it went away in a few days once I followed with moisturizer.

  9. Were you spying on me this week?! Because this post came at the PERFECT time. Although I also believe my acne was caused by my poor food choices recently (so many indulgences & unfortunately dairy), it has been embarrassing to walk around & teach when all I can think about is people playing connect the dots with the zits on my chin. Ordering these products immediately. Thanks Liz! Started my morning with Eat The Yolks (I love!) and also enjoy Balanced Bites Podcast to and fro everywhere I go!

    1. I can sympathize! I can usually pinpoint what I’ve been doing that’s caused the skin explosion. PLEASE let me know how you do with the products, as feedback from others always helps! And thanks for reading my book, that means a great deal to me 🙂 And thanks for listening to BB!

  10. How much power do I have of my acne, as a teen? I’ve been paleo for a long time, nopoo recently and don’t wash my face at all anymore (out of despair). It’s improved a bit, but not much.
    Do I just have to wait it out?

    1. Liya, it’s possible that you’ll have to wait it out a bit, but that doesn’t mean it can never improve. You might be going through a big hormonal shift that you’ll have to ride out until you’re able to get a bit more balanced! The first thing I notice with teens is stress, faulty sleeping habits, and low magnesium. See what you can do about those and go from there! I like the topical magnesium spray from Ancient Minerals, and bathing in Epsom Salts. Keep in touch!

  11. Hi Liz,
    I am new to your website and am purchasing your skin care book, but I was curious about how your skin did during your pregnancy. My entire body broke out in a horrible rash like acne disaster and I am nervous about that happening again if I have more children. I will adopt and apply the instruction you provide in your book, but I was hoping to get your thoughts. I apologize if you touch upon it in your book and I’m causing you to repeat yourself. Thanks for your help and I look forward to learning from you!

    1. Hi Michelle! This is a great question and I should add a section to the book about this now that I’ve had the pregnancy experience. My skin actually stayed exactly the same. Clear! I was absolutely prepared for the worst but I had excellent hormonal balance during my pregnancy and I credit the nutrition, digestive, and toxin avoidance that I talk about in the guide (thanks for your business!). Even I was amazed by this. That said, post pregnancy, my eczema did flare a bit in my main trouble spot – elbows. This was definitely due to stress. It’s improving but I can’t say I was surprised.

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