Video: why you should worship the sun (and how to get SAFE sun exposure)

Note: after you watch the video, check out this post for my updated sunscreen recommendations & sunscreen knowledge!

My stance on sun exposure tends to surprise people.

When I tell folks that I make unprotected sun exposure a priority, I usually get some pretty crazy responses.

“I NEVER leave the house without sunscreen!”

“Aren’t you worried about skin damage and cancer?”

There’s much more to the story of the sun on our skin than sun exposure causes cancer. In fact, the vitamin D our bodies generate during SAFE sun exposure is thought to FIGHT cancer and boost immunity!

Check out what I have to say in the video below, and leave your thoughts in the comments!

Note that while I refer to the difference between sunscreen and sunblock in the video, today, no sun protection product of this kind is called “sunblock.” The term “sunblock” appears to present a liability issue: it implies a product that fully stops all rays from penetrating (impossible) and that doesn’t need reapplication. In reality, no matter how safe your choice of sun protection, you should ALWAYS reapply.
Everything is called “sunscreen” now, but there are a ton of different options under that umbrella.

Thanks for reading & watching!

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11 Responses

  1. Thank you! This was (as always) very informative and interesting. If I am trying to get a tan what’s the best way to safely and naturally do this?

    1. Just a little bit at a time, just a few minutes or more each day, over the course of weeks and months! By spending a few minutes laying out in the sun every day or two, I usually have a nice glow by the end of the summer. I don’t rush it!

  2. So much important info in this video! Loved your point about sunlight being the giver of life to so many things on this planet. How foolish of us to think that healthy sun exposure isn’t vital to human health as well!
    I also really enjoyed the portion of your book on sun exposure – so much that I quoted it in my own post on sun exposure! Here’s a link if you’re interested:
    Thanks for doing what you do!

  3. Oh my gosh I can’t believe you just name dropped Big Surf! I forgot about that place. Taking me back, Liz! We use to go there every summer, but it’s been YEARS now since I live MO. Good times, good times.
    Anyway, thanks for the video! I heeded your advice about sunscreen this summer. I just summited Mt.Whitney with badger balm in hand because the exposure at those high altitudes are extreme. I looked like a crazy person – all white and streaky, but no sun burn!

    1. Ha! I’m SO GLAD somebody got that! We used to go every summer too, with a group from summer camp! The “toilet bowl” was my favorite!

  4. Love that you are pointing this out to people, Liz! I have been saying for years that people lived thousands of years without slathering chemicals on their body to protect themselves and did just fine. In fact, they were healthier. I am careful with the sun but definitely get unprotected exposure. I give my face protection but only with zinc oxide or mineral makeup (hey, I’m almost 50…need a little protection!) I have started wearing sunglasses when I drive because I found I was squinting too much. Feel so much more energized when I am soaking up the sun’s natural life giving energy!

  5. It has been shown that skin cancers occur in those who get the most sun (overexposure) and those who get the least at almost the same rates.

    1. I believe that over-exposure leads to less malignant melanoma and those with the least sun exposure have the highest rates of malignancies.

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