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This Morocco Method review has been a VERY long time coming.

I truly enjoyed trying their products, which they sent to me months ago to review (full disclosure: I got free products, but made no promises to review them if I didn’t care for them; and I’m not being compensated in any way other than the product they sent me), but I felt that, in order to post a review, I would need to take a picture of my hair. And that would have required me to remove my magic brain thinking cap and, ya know, brush it out.

And for the last 3 months, that was surely not gonna happen. I was hibernating, working on finishing my book (which I STILL haven’t OFFICIALLY announced because Amazon is being slow, but please stay tuned or sign up to get the announcement when it goes out via Email Monday.)

Plus, the one time I DID succeed in taking a picture of my brushed-out hair, I only managed to get half my face in it. Sorry tweens, I’m no selfie expert. The other alternative was one wherein you could see my whole head, as well as my dog taking a deuce in the background. True story.

What I’m saying is…this is the good picture. Morrocco Method kept my hair soft and shiny. I often forced my husband to run his fingers through it. Which he SHOULD be doing 1000% of the time anyway. AMIRIGHT?


Some folks may know that I have been a No ‘Poo devotee for years. I still am (I talk about it in the Purely Primal Skincare Guide, and you can read about it here and here) but what’s cool about Morrocco Method is that it doesn’t make you all dependent. It still allows some flexibility, and I appreciate that.

My aim is always soft, non-staticky, non-broken hair. The individual strands of my hair are fairly fine, and obviously my hair is very long, so I’m always mindful of breakage. In my product-heavy, conventional-shampoo days, I felt like I always had Doc Brown hair – frizzy and broken, unless shellacked with pomade or AquaNet. No Poo changed this a lot. And Morrocco Method kept my hair smooth, strong, and nourished, and seemed to even combat the light flakes that sometimes show up for a few weeks when the seasons change. It’s been who-knows-how-long since I had a haircut, and no split ends in sight.

This stuff is legit! It’s gluten-free, vegan (no animal testing), and full of natural goodness like aloe, seaweed, apple cider vinegar and their mineral blend (which I talk about in the video). Their website is a wealth of how-tos and every product has a viewable ingredients list. (And there are many more products besides shampoo and conditioner.)

Imprortant: Morrocco Method does not “suds up.” It’s a no-lather cleanser and conditioner that you DILUTE with water. (If you don’t, it won’t last long!) I added about 2 Tbs. of MM to a small mason jar, filled with water, shook and poured over my head, massaged it in and rinsed.

I know you all need to ACTUALLY see my hair to truly get anything out of this Morrocco Method Review, so I decided to record my FIRST (ermagershermagersh) video. I call it a Video Log. I refuse to call it a Vlog, because that makes me feel like a Bulgarian Dracula impersonator.

So here it is. Enjoy! (The dog makes an appearance in the video, too.)

If you can’t see the video, click here to watch it directly from YouTube.

If you enjoy this video, please leave me a comment so I know whether to keep churnin’ em out…or to shut down production!

Morrocco Method website
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The No Poo Method

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  1. says

    Absolutely loved the video, Liz! You are equally as beautiful as the wonderful messages you send us women. I’ve been so thankful to have your encouraging words on body image, skin care, and life in general. Keep up the great and inspiring work–I love love love ALL of it 🙂

  2. Priscilla says

    Loved your video! I tried to like it on YouTube but it’s disabled (as well as comments). Didn’t know if you knew that and wanted more feedback there too.

  3. Leslie Ryan says

    Great Job on the video. keep up the good work! Love your hair and your sidekicks no need to apologize, if they were 2 legged babies they would distract a whole lot more. Blessings

  4. Erica Evans says

    Your hair’s so long!!! I gave the No-Poo method a shot a few times but it just didn’t work for me. I’m excited to try these products! Great video….cute dogs!

  5. danielle says

    loved it! genuine and informative. your video skills are just as good as your audio….and I’m SURE your book will prove you can communicate great info just as effectively with your writing. Keep em coming, Liz!!

  6. says

    Yay, video – and yay, for a source of henna to try on my graying beard (which makes me look just too, too old). I checked out the MM site, and they do talk about using it on beards, so booya!

    Maybe in an upcoming video we’ll get a tour of the homestead, eh?

  7. Megan says

    LOVED seeing your beautiful mug while listening to you. And always enjoy your sense of humor.

    I only wish you had gone more into the product– when you use it/how that works in conjunction with no-poo, what it specifically did for your hair, what makes it the same/different than no poo, and if it’s gluten-free for those peeps that are super sensitive. + Maybe even a little back story about the company. Stuff like that.

    All that said, keep the videos coming. They are an amazing way for the community to connect (and also a great way to grow biz– think vaynerchuck 🙂

  8. AJ says

    Liked the vid. Tried no poo and couldn’t get through the detox period. Ordered the Moroccon Method shampoo and conditioner sample pack, in addition to the marigold henna. Can’t wait to give them a go! Would have loved to see you wash your hair (that sounds weird) or a before and after with Moroccon Method. Like some others said…do you use this with no ‘poo every other day, every three days, etc. Overall, still a fun little post.

    • says

      While there’s no way I’d ever take a video of myself washing my hair (wink) I can see why you’d like a before-and-after. Thing is, though, my hair didn’t CHANGE at all using Morrocco Method. I spent a long while getting my personal care routine to a place where my hair feels soft, shiny, and manageable (I use No Poo about 2-3 times per week, have for years now, and I used MM the same frequency) so what pleased me was that MM didn’t mess that up or change anything at all! The way my hair looks in those pictures is the way my hair always looks. Unfortunately, switching to almost any other product besides the few very “clean” and junk-free products I’ve found (Just Natural Organic Care, Primal Life Organics’ shampoo bar and Dirty Poo, and Morrocco Method) usually cause a period of adjustment and I’m never really happy with my hair. That’s why I gave MM a good review – I truly believe it’s a clean, junk-free shampoo that kept my hair just as balanced as it has ever been. Thanks for reading/watching!

  9. Celeste says

    Loved the video log – pups and all! 😉 One thing I would have liked in the video is more info / demo on how you use it (dumb question – how small is the mason jar…?) but still super helpful. Going to check out MM now!

    • says

      Thanks for watching Celeste! Not a dumb question 🙂 It’s a…um…normal sized one? Think the size of a jar of salsa or something. (There’s gotta be a better way to explain that! Ha.) I use a regular lid – not the kind with the band – so it’s easy to screw on the lid, shake, and pour over my head.

      • Celeste says

        Ah, gotcha! Did you use their conditioners / other products as well or is just the shampoo sufficient? Also, did you rotate through the 5 shampoos or just stick with one? [no more questions, I promise!]

  10. Danielle says

    Thanks for the great video, I have been dieing to try natural hair care but was too scared to try coconut oil and acv alone. I just ordered the Morrocco Method shampoo and conditioner. My question for you is, I often curl my naturally straight hair for date nights with the hubby, is it okay to use hairspray or does it undo all the good the natural shampoo does? Thanks for the help!

    PS I just bought your book, can’t wait to read it!

    • says

      Hi Danielle! Thank you so much for buying the book – I appreciate it so much!

      I honestly am not all-or-nothing about the natural body & skin care. Although I’ve found a system that works great for me, and don’t even keep “normal” shampoo and conditioner, soap or facewash in my house any more, I DO sometimes use “non-natural” products, and I don’t think it’s THAT big of a deal! Specifically, when I curl my hair. I use “normal” hairspray when I need it to stay all day! I’ve had the same can of Aussie for years and will use it every now and then because there’s just nothing like the hold it provides. Especially in the summer, when my homemade hairspray just attracts bugs 🙂 (it’s made with sugar!) I think you can feel OK about using something conventional, especially something that goes on your hair – it’s probably orders of magnitude better than something that goes on your scalp (ie shampoo/conditioner), near your eyes (mascara, conventional eye makeup) or around your mouth. That said, I would wash it out before going to sleep, so the residue doesn’t get all over the pillow!

  11. Maria says

    Liz, sorry for the silly question, but is this still no-poo? I have been no-poo for a while and I really don’t want to get back to normal shampoos. I see these are different, but I wanted to check they are still no poo. Thanks a lot for this and for your website!!

    • says

      Hi Maria! Not a silly question. I think this achieves the same goal as no ‘poo – I haven’t had any trouble switching back and forth, which I think is the “truth-teller.” So, yes, it is a different product, but I think achieves the same goals, so “technically” I’d say yes. If I were to try to switch back & forth between No Poo and a conventional shampoo, I would have major trouble because of what conventional shampoo leaves behind. Not so with Morrocco Method.

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