The Lonely Tailgaters

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Quick post before I begin hyperventilating about the fact that it’s SNOWING outside on my CH’s scheduled return-from-deployment date. In an effort to head off the irrational snow-air travel paranoia that begins bubbling up at the first precip sighting (inevitably leading to a pre-10 AM bottle – er, glass – of Cab), I decided to think positive. Find my Happy Thought.

My happy thought … is having better highlights than Rufio.

Okay, seriously now. My happy thought – and DEFINITELY my husband’s happy thought – is that the KANSAS CITY CHIEFS are going to the PLAYOFFS! This is a big deal. But it’s a lonely life being a Chiefs fan in the greater Philly area. There IS a super-secret Chiefs bar whose location I cannot reveal…but it’s just not the same as a crazy Sunday at Our Lady of The Loudest Stadium in the NFL.

The real sin? Non-Polarized sunglasses.

So I decided to practice our Lonely Tailgaters breakfast. Enter the Food Lover’s Grain-Free Breakfast Burrito and Bill’s homemade taco seasoning. I made the “tortilla” with 3 egg whites, and saved the yolks in a small dish covered with cool water in the fridge. (Hollandaise, yo!) I added spinach to the ground beef and turned out a Chiefs Masterpiece.

“That’s great…but who are the Chefs?” … “Great Googly-Moogly.” 

Because Bill’s Taco spice mix makes lots of extra and I save glass jars like it’s my job, I made myself a little bottle of Cave Girl seasoning. Cute, right?

Cave Girl Seasons.

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  1. Elizabeth Cavanaugh says

    CG, you really know how to pull us along with you … CH possible delay, Chief frenzy, saving/recycling for reuse, and adding a little personal touch. Very cute! I’m still smiling and praying that the universe makes for pleasant and safe air travel. Peace.

  2. DavidKnudsen says

    I too am a Chief’s fan albeit, not nearly as hardcore as you. It stems from being a military brat and not really being from anywhere, my dad is from KS so I adopted the Chiefs. That and my grandparents took me to a Royals game every year and I can still remember the awe of looking up at Arrowhead stadium as we walked in.

    As to the burrito, I wonder how the tortilla would turn out with whole eggs? Are the egg whites tougher when cooked than the whole egg?

    • says

      DK, I’m thinking the “tortilla” would probably be more delicious but less pliable! I’m guessing it wouldn’t hold together as well. But I think I’ll try that this week – maybe add at least one yolk. Next time there will be guac involved!

      It’s hard not to be a Chiefs fan…there’s something about that little corner of heaven where the (admittedly sad) Royals played with George Brett at Kauffman; and the eras of Neil Smith and Derrick Thomas at Arrowhead. I was a fan before I met my husband but he’s certainly inspired me to a greater level of Gung Ho.

  3. says

    Long time reader, first time poster…I love your site! You’re funny, relatable, and your recipes look yummy. I’ll be friending you as soon as I set up my Facebook account!

    • says

      I love your site, and FitBomb, and your comment! I love that I’m not the only “Stalkerblogarazzi” in Paleo Land. Friend the grass-fed beef outta me, Nom Nom. I’m looking forward to it!

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