Superfood: Cod Liver Oil – Butter Oil Blend!

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I often talk about how I straddle the line between Weston A. Price and “Paleo/Primal” values. Without those ideas (and Robb Wolf, Mark Sisson, Chris Masterjohn, and the Weston A. Price Foundation), I would have next to nothing to assault your eye-bones with. I certainly wouldn’t have a blog with 2.5 readers (overwhelming Google Analytics, one post at a time).

When I first started on this “Ancestral Health” kick, I basically combined the early (not current) conventionally-accepted Paleo plan with CrossFit ideas: “Eat [lean] meat, vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch, and no sugar.” Canola oil was good to go, salt and saturated fat were not.

In other words, I basically narrowed my food choices – eliminating crappy, healthless foods (even those I once considered “healthy”) and keeping the foods I was already accustomed to (lean meat, veggies, and nuts). See below:

So this was definitely better – even though I probably overdosed on nuts, under-dosed on butter, and overdid the chicken-and-broccoli dinners.

But what I never realized is that for all my talk of “nutrient density” and how a “Paleo diet” provides greater “nutrient density” than the conventional USDA model (duh, obvi) I never really sought new nutrient-dense foods – foods that were out of my paradigm completely.

But the Weston A. Price Foundation changed that. While I’m sure plenty of “Paleo” folk knew and used the following items “back then,” I had not yet heard of the benefits of natural, highly saturated fats (like coconutgheepalm oilbutter from pastured cows, and lard, among others); fermented foods like sauerkrautatchara, and kombucha (I’m currently home-brewing with supplies from Kombucha Kamp); fish roe; or animal-based “traditional foods” like tongueCod Liver Oil, liver (here and here), raw dairy, or bone broths.

Now, years after I began my “Paleo/Primal/WAP/Real Food/Ancestral Health/Whatevayouwannacallit” journey, I’ve fallen in love with something that, years ago, I never would’ve thought twice about.

The one “superfood” I recommend to absolutely everyone, whether via the podcast, my practice, or my Skintervention Guideis the Blue Ice Cod Liver Oil/Butter Oil blend from Green Pasture. The addition of this superfood helped me overcome frustrating skin problems.  It’s a health powerhouse, whether you want to build muscle, overcome fertility problems, or just be healthier overall. I use the blend daily – and I even put a balm inspired by that blend on my skin. (It’s amazing!)


Thanks to the fantastic research conducted by Weston A. Price and the Weston A. Price Foundation, we know that the synergy between vitamins A and D from Cod Liver Oil is basically Real Food Magic. Add butter oil (a rich source of Vitamin K2) and it’s pretty much Health Wizardry.

This is literally my number one favorite super-food.

HUGELY important note: the Fermented Cod Liver Oil/Butter Oil Blend is a whole food that provides concentrated nutrition, not isolated nutrients as with a vitamin or a supplement. Many people confuse this item with fish oil, but they’re totally different things.

Here’s what I mean by concentrated: the FCLO Blend is dense in all the nutrients naturally present in cod livers: vitamins A and D, anti-oxidants, quinones, and a biologically appropriate amount of EPA and DHA; along with vitamin K2 and other constituents from butter oil. Fish oil is an isolated, highly processed source of only EPA/DHA in ratios set and standardized by fish oil manufacturers.

Fish oils, which are processed out of fish meal to make “fish oil,” are fragile and vulnerable. To the degree we need them in our diets, they should be obtained from whole foods sources like Fermented Cod Liver Oil and sardines.

Green Pasture is the only company I know that produces their Cod Liver Oil in a manner that preserves the natural vitamins that are needed for it to produce its intended effect. It’s the ONLY BRAND I RECOMMEND! Sorry, Carlson’s, Barlean’s, and any other brand just won’t cut it. (I make no money off this recommendation.)

I continue to evaluate other potential alternatives, but haven’t found any publicly available sources yet.


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    • says

      This is why I love your blog- it’s a combination of more than one way of eating. I’m a WAPF member, but I also subscribe to the idea of the primal diet because I can’t do grains. Would love to win this stuff!

    • Denise Z says

      I would love to win. I have the Green Pastures Cod Liver oil but not the butter combo.

  1. Meredith says

    Count me in CaveGirl! I read about the awesomeness of this product for your skin on your site yesterday… and I’m in the same boat… going nowhere unfortunately. I’m dying to try it. Thanks for your info.

  2. says

    Ahhhh I just bought a bottle of this stuff!! But I’d gladly take another one if I win. Anybody know how the cinnamon flavor tastes? I wanted to avoid getting the capsules since they’re more expensive per serving

    • says

      Brendan, I just tried the cinnamon for the first time – it’s hands-down the best! (And – let’s be honest – a little burp-back is virtually guaranteed…and this B-B is actually quite pleasant.)


  3. CeciMami says

    Pick me, pick me! :D

    (having trouble posting, I apologize if there ends up being a duplicate…not trying to work the numbers, I swear! LOL!)

  4. says

    Go ahead… Pick someone else… I never ever win ANYTHING anyway… so what’s the difference… I would pick the people above me. The seem so much better and deserving than me… Anyway, thank you for allowing me to type here.

    Have a great day!

  5. Rachel says

    Awesome giveaway! I’ve had my eye on this for awhile now (well, since you mentioned it in the paleo 101 podcast, at least:)).

  6. Melissa says

    I would love to try this! Do you think the skin balm would be helpful for eczema? I need to find a solution for my daughter’s skin problems! Thanks!

  7. Megan says

    just put cinnamon tingle in an avocado/blueberry smoothie (there’s fructose, but thomas obryan says that blueberries are good for the brain!). it was totally amazing.

    wonderful to hear your farm report!!

  8. Crystal says

    and a question. Does it matter much if you chose the capsules or the gel? Do I need to be prepared to plug my nose if I get the gel?

  9. Jenn in FL says

    I would love to win. We have been wanting to try it for a while, but the cost was prohibitive to trying something that might not be our thing.

  10. Kelly says

    Haven’t heard of this one, but willing to try anything since everything I’ve had thus far still tastes fishy.

  11. Dara says

    I want to winnnnnn! I’m almost out of my first jar that I purchased bc of your recommendation. Next time, cinnamon.

  12. Jaci Y. says

    Yeah!!! Great giveaway…I can’t wait to get mine. I’m dying to win this giveaway and get my health/digestion issues in check!!!


  13. Jenny says

    Not only do I want to win, I DESPERATELY want to win… I’ve identified a couple of health issues I think could be resolved with FCLO/HVBO therapy. Thank you for this opportunity to win!

  14. Susan says

    This stuff is great! I’ve been taking the capsules for months and now my husband is. We could really use another bottle!

    • lisa O says

      Id love to try the cinammon flavored butter/cod liver oil blend. I ordered the capsules, but really would like to try the gel!

  15. Liz says

    I’m trying to get my son started on these superfoods to help with the ‘imperfect enamel’ on his molars. Would love to win this for him!!

  16. Deborah says

    How timely! After reading freetheanimals’ post this morning on this very subject I reminded myself – again – to order some, but free is always better!!!!

  17. Leigh says

    I want to win!

    If I don’t win, I’ll probably never be willing to try butter oil. This is your opportunity to show me its worth paying for.

  18. Emily says

    Another fabulous giveaway! Just started doing the Oil cleansing method as well as the no ‘poo methods you talk about in your body care section, LOVE LOVE LOVE! Keep up the fabulous work CGE.

  19. speno says

    I’ve always been curious about this stuff. And it seems to me that you have a lot more readers than the last time I looked. Congrats!

  20. Jenn V says

    I want to win! I have been wanting to try this stuff ever since I read about your experience with overcoming lingering skin problems.

  21. says

    oh, my friend…cod liver oil (and you) and i go waaaaay back ;) i would LOVE to win, but only if i could purchase the capsules with your most generous offer!

  22. Allison says

    I want to win!! After reading your last post I almost considered getting some, but I’m a poor grad student trying to make my (sugar/gluten-free) way in this world!

  23. Sue W says

    I hope I win! I just ordered a bottle yesterday because of all the great things you’ve said about it! I’d heard it mentioned a couple other times too, but the price always threw me off. Thanks for sharing your experience with it!

  24. Steve Pascarella says

    I want to win. I have their emulsified cod liver oil now but have not tried the butter oil. Plus I’m from KC so that’s worth something. :-)

  25. Jess K says

    I want to win. But I have one question: what do you do with it? Just eat a tablespoon every day? Do you spread it on apples or something? Does it taste like fish? I must know!!!

  26. Bevie H. says

    Um, yes please! I intend to order a bottle of the stuff if I don’t win, but it would be nice not to have to stretch the (already strained) budget on something before I know whether or not I can get the child to try it.

  27. Kimberly says

    I soooooooo want to win! I mistakenly ordered just the Cod Liver Oil, not the blend… I’m looking forward to trying the CLO & Butter Blend!

  28. Jen says

    I want to win! But if I don’t win I’m going to get the oil anyway. I’m still looking for the piece of the puzzle that makes me feel really amazing. I’m close … But not quite there.

  29. Sandra says

    Well – I definitely want to win this one. You recently got me hooked on Kombucha (thank you very much!) which I love. Too cold in my house to brew (DH thinks the thermostat should be at 58 but I say the water pipes are more important so we compromised at 65).

    The paleo/primal is really paying off as no hormonal headache this month and the neckline acne was limited to 1! Yee-haa!

  30. says

    I’m so convinced that FCLO/butter oil would be GREAT for me & my family. And I so haven’t figured out how to afford it….so I would love to win. Thank you!

  31. Chelsea says

    You’re freaking awesome! I’ve been wanting to try this stuff forever! (I’ve only ever had CLO, never the mixture). But on a undergrad budget…-sigh-. I actually found out about WAP first then came to paleo and do my own mixture of the two that parallels yours (no to grains!!). Thanks for the giveaway!!

  32. Matthew says

    Awesome post. Lately I’ve been hearing a lot about the wonders of Vitamin K2. It certainly sounds like the miracle vitamin!

    I’d love to win the blend. Pick me!

  33. LisaCazz says

    I want to win!! Woo hoo! (I can honestly say that a few years ago I never thought I’d be wanting to win a contest where the prize is oil from the liver of a fish!)

  34. Maggie says

    I would love to win! I’ve been so wanting to try this to help with my vitamin D levels and some other health issues (but its a little pricey for a student’s budget). :)

  35. says

    I’d say you defnitely have more than 2.5 readers…thanks for sharing this giveaway. I’d love to know more about the skin improvements…

  36. Kathy says

    I REALLY want to try this. I have been really impressed with everything I have read about the combination of both oils, but have just not ordered any yet… Partially due to economics, partially due to procrastination. I would love to win the credit to fix both my shortcomings… And hopefully see the health benefits too! :)

  37. Denise Thwing says

    I would love to win too! Right along with everyone else. My skin needs some serious help not matter what I do. Thanks for the opportunity of this giveaway! Whoever wins it will be happy!

  38. Susie says

    Oooh, pick me!! It turns my frown upside down (literally – this stuff is clinical depression’s kryptonite). SAD used to pin me to the couch every winter, but not this year!

    Hey liar, you have way more than 2.5 readers!! We apparently lurk until you lure us out with free stuff.

  39. Michaela says

    I’m definitely going to have to try out fermented CLO – I’m a little nervous about the price but from what I’ve read it seems to be the bees knees.

  40. Elyse says

    For a while I was on the fence about whether this was worth the splurge. I think it was your blog post where you mentioned less frequent food reactions when you stray from “Perfect Paleo”
    since you’ve been taking it. That was all I needed to hear. I went through a phase where I was noticing reactions to more and more foods. After taking this, I’ve had NO reactions and even added back a stray nut here and there with no problem. Thanks for the great blog and podcast!!

  41. Jessica says

    Buying this stuff is on my to-do list! If I win I can cross it off :)

  42. Stacey says

    Hi there Cavegirl – husband is active duty military (Marines) and we were just married – working to make us both healthier as we refine our already paleo diets – Tim Ferris in 4 hour body really touts this stuff too so I can’t wait to make it a habit for us!


  43. Gwen says

    I know the giveaway is closed, so I don’t want to win! I just want to know how much of this stuff to take!

    I’ve been taking 1tsp each day for a little over a month and wonder if this is the recommended dosage. Any resources about this?

    • says

      Hi Gwen! I vary my dosage – some days I take 1 tsp, others I don’t take any, others I take a full Tbs! There are really no solid guidelines beyond the recommended dosage – but I have had clients double that dosage through their first bottle, then just go with the recommended dose thereafter. Unless you’re pregnant, I wouldn’t worry about carrying it out that way.

  44. Gwen says

    Interesting that you bring up pregnancy. My husband are just starting to try to get pregnant as of this month. I’ve been planning on continuing the FCLO/BO blend at 1tsp a day during the pregnancy. However, I know some people caution against any source of vitamin A during this time. Is that the reason you said, “unless you’re pregnant…”? Any resources you can point to around that?

    Thanks again!

    • says

      I know for a FACT that the research regarding vitamin A during pregnancy is totally irrelevant and was respective to synthetic vitamin A. Avoiding vitamin A during pregnancy is total hogwash :) That said, I am trying to be more careful about advising people too specifically when they’re not my clients (meaning when they haven’t signed a disclaimer with me ;) Simply because, as this blog has grown, I’ve been advised to stay away from personal advising “especially in the case of pregnancy or chronic disease.” So I threw the “unless you’re pregnant” in there as a cover-my-arse measure!

      I CAN phrase it this way: If it were ME, I’d absolutely take the Cod Liver Oil/Butter Oil blend throughout my pregnancy.

      • Gwen says

        Liz, I totally understand, which is why I tried to gear my questions towards asking for resources that cited that info. I appreciate your feedback and perspective but I also know that you’re not in a position to safely give me medical advice.

        Thanks for sharing what YOU would do. :)

  45. says

    so not related to this post at all… i just discovered your blog and as if a paleo blog wasn’t an exciting enough find… a blog with JOEY references ( which i got straight away.. no explanation of the title was needed…mmm noodle soup) AND pictures of HOOK??!! i’m in blog love.

  46. Barbara says

    Hi Liz!

    I love your blog and Skintervention Guide! You are awesome! I am going to start taking this FCLO/Butter oil blend and I have a question for you. I know you can’t give medical advice and I’m not asking for that. Just a “what would you do if it was you” kind of thing. I am hoping to get pregnant this year and was wondering what you thought about the pregnancy diet that is on the WAPF website. I think it would be great especially since I don’t want to take a prenatal becasue there aren’t any out there that I like 100%. I am going to be taking natural folate. Just curious if you thought it would be good to follow and if there were anything on the list you didn’t think would be good. Thanks!

    • says

      Hi Barbara! If hubby and I decide we want to start a family, I plan on doing a 6-month pre-conception diet right in line with WAPF recommendations to build my “nutrient stores” (since who knows what I’ll be able to stomach if pregnant!) and will do everything I can to stick to it through the entire pregnancy too :) I already follow many of those recommendations, but am less stringent since it’s just me my food is feeding :)

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