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These are the sites I’ve vetted, fallen in love with and truly believe in. These are the sites that could change your life!

Primal recipe links, exercise advice and mental stimulation abound in the following sites. Yup, these blogs are by smarter people, for smarter people. (Check out Todd’s – ie, Primal Toad’s – site for a REALLY complete list of amazing blogs and sites.)

Life in the Primal Lane; Primal/Paleo/WAP Nutrition (and Common Sense):

The Weston A. Price Foundation: I am a member, and attend their conference every year. The Weston A. Price Foundation is home to the discoveries of a world-traveling dentist who dedicated his life to researching indigenous (native) peoples in the last century, detailing the diets that kept them in nearly perfect health. They’re also a great source for Truths about soy, saturated fat, and cholesterol. Not everything could be pidgeon-holed as “Paleo” or “Primal,” but an extensive body of research and a strong sense of farming, anti-GMO, and dietary activism makes their work a perfect complement to the work of those in the Paleo/Primal community.

Cholesterol and Health: A site devoted to dispelling myths and detailing truths about Cholesterol by Chris Masterjohn.

Balanced Bites: My dear friend Diane is my partner in Workshopping and Podcasting Crime; creator of the 21-Day Sugar Detox AND author of the truly extraordinary book Practical Paleo.

The Food Lovers: Bill and Hayley are the most beautiful duo in Paleo; they’re authors of the best cookbook out there, entitled Make it Paleo, as well as an amazing App and the comprehensive 30-Day Intro to Paleo. I’m blessed to call them friends.

Paleo for Women: Stefani Ruper is a total genius whose myriad contributions to the Paleo community are literally overflowing from her website and podcast.

Paleo Parents: My favorite rambunctious (3 boys!) Paleo Family.

Nom Nom Paleo (and Fit Bomb): Also the most beautiful duo in Paleo, who gave life to some adorable Paleo littles. I love EVERYTHING they do, from recipes to a mind-blowingly beautiful App to social commentary.

Ancestralize Me: A friend and RD student, Laura, who will take the conventional RD paradigm by storm. Mark my words!

Sustainable Dish and Radiance Nutrition: My friend and fellow NTP, Diana, lives on this beautiful farm and knows sustainable farming, self-nourishment, and nutritional therapy inside and out.

Jen’s Gone Paleo: A wonderful friend who brings people liver pate just because. Jen owns CrossFit Oregon City and is a Paleo advocate and success story. She also spreads sunshine like a boss!

The Clothes Make The Girl: Melissa Joulwan’s cookbook, Well-Fed, is a must-have. I’m serious – you MUST have it. I won’t speak to you again until you get it. (*silent treatment*)

Life As A Plate: Honest talk by AndreAnna about how life actually is and how good food actually fits in. A mix of Primal, Paleo, and Weston A. Price food values – which means nutrient-dense, properly-prepared REAL FOOD.

The Civilized Caveman: A great man and a great chef.  What more could you ask for?

Everyday Paleo: More proof that you can raise a family on a deliciously Primal/Paleo diet…and still have time to be fit and adorable.

Peggy the Primal Parent: Overcoming everything from PCOS to traumatic brain injury; now a parent raising a Primal Little.

Robb Wolf, Author – The Paleo Solution: The Original Human Diet. For your scientifically valid “Aha” moment (Dr. Oz, you’re in dire need of this).

Mark’s Daily Apple: An all-points approach to living the Hunter-Gatherer lifestyle. Killer recipes.

Chris Kresser: Podcasting, traditional food-ing, too-smart-for-mainstream myth-busting badass.

Raw Food SOS: Denise Minger takes bad science to task, making sure we all REALLY understand what “studies [actually] show.” Best known for her takedown of The China Study and a one-stop shop for plant-based dogma – including Forks over Knives.

Food Sourcing Smarts – also see my “Good Food” page for more specifics.

American GrassFed

Eat Wild

Eat Well Guide

Local Harvest

EXERCISE (that doesn’t waste your time):

Coach Rut: Coach Michael Rutherford is deeply educated, the creator of the Max Effort Black Box and experienced in all aspects of health & fitness. He’s in the business of changing lives at Crossfit Kansas City.

Paleo Kits and Steve’s Club, and Crossfit Tribe – all HQ’d out of my home gym.


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