Required Reading: Deep Nutrition

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One of the questions I answered on the recent Balanced Bites “ask us (almost) anything” Podcast was about what I like to read. It got me thinkin’.

When I’m not reading true American classics or truer American classics, I’m generally reading books about food, nutrition, and traditional diets.

One of the books that has a permanent place on my nightstand is Deep Nutrition: Why Your Genes Need Traditional Food* by Dr. Catherine Shanahan.

It’s one of the most fascinating takes on traditional diets and their application to our modern lives I’ve ever read. “Dr. Cate” is part of the Paleo/Primal/Real Food community, but this take on traditional diets, health and even beauty is all her own. It’s uniquely and beautifully presented.

Her words on glycosaminoglycans (ha! nutrition nerd alert) helped convince me to put broth at the top of my list for “Skin Interventions” in my nutritional therapy practice, which later led me to write the Skintervention Guide. So I really do credit this book for the path I took to natural body care and healing. I owe Dr. Cate much gratitude.

This is a must-read!

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  1. says

    Hey, Paleo put my wifes MS into remission, no problem but I still seem to struggle with psoriasis. I don’t get it bad, just a bit on my ankles but still, it comes and goes and based around my fairly solid diet (grass fed meat, fermented foods, no dairy / grains ever) it would be nice if it cleared up. We have been paleo for nearly 4 years now so if it was going to clear up, I pretty much think it would have.

    One thing I know is that alcohol in any form flares it up. No booze for a week, it almost goes, any drinking, it comes back. Be that red wine, tequila, cider or the odd beer – it comes back.

    I really don’t want to stop drinking all together and am very moderate but it would be nice to put this to bed. Bone broth is one thing I don’t do though, do you think this may help readdress the balance?

    Maybe a booze free month, lots of bone broth, get it under control and then if I kept bone broth in on a regular basis it may keep it under control.

    Not a burning issue but would welcome your input.

    Marcus :)

    • jen says

      Hey, I’m not cavegirl but I’ll respond as I was once in a similar situation. I too can’t handle alcohol, even small amounts as it gives me chronic hangovers and makes me irritated beyond belief. The bottom line is, the body has spoken, you can’t handle alcohol. Bone broths are pure magic and I too recommend them for bone health, teeth health and glowing skin (daily pieces of liver too). I don’t know if the broth will help with your reaction to alcohol but in the words of my 14 year-old daughter when I was contemplating buying a bottle of wine, “mom, you just don’t need it.”
      Instead, I drink water kefir at home in a wine glass.
      Good luck

  2. Elizabeth says

    Agreed! Love this book. She takes a unique approach. Her own personal story is very interesting. Definitely worth reading.

  3. says

    This has been on my “must-read” list for a while, so this is just the reminder I need to get reading. There’s just too many books that keep getting added to my “must-read” list…

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