Real Food Liz Radio 001: Summer Innanen’s Body Confidence Makeover!

Today, I was FLOORED to be able to have Summer Innanen, Diet Rebel, Food Lover, Nutritionist and creator of the 8-week Rock Your Body program on the show to talk her bad-ass 10 Day Confidence Makeover program, as well as her thoughts on self-esteem.
Do. Not. Miss. This. Summer ROCKS it. She’s hilarious (self-described as the bleach-blonde love child of Sarah Silverman and Slash – how awesome is that?!) and she’s smashing diet and self-love myths with a (literal) sledgehammer. What’s not to LOVE?

I’m doing Summer’s 10 Day Confidence Makeover, and I would LOVE for you to do it as well! It’s FREE, and it’s transformational.
Check out the AWESOME SPECIAL OFFER Summer is extending to Real Food Liz listeners!
Summer will choose one person who signs up for her FREE 10 Day Confidence Makeover program (click here to sign up), to win a membership to her AMAZING Rock your Body program – a $399 value – FREE
I’m a HUGE fan of Summer’s program and her approach, so I can tell you that this is a WINNER winner, chicken dinner.
To listen to the FIRST episode of Real Food Liz Radio featuring Summer Innanen, click here or on the player below.
Thanks for listening!

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16 Responses

  1. Epic first show!! Thank you. I knew when I said on FB that whatEVER your news was it would be Amazeballs! I was right….

  2. That was amazing!! Thank you for the introduction to Summer. I will be doing the 10 Day Body Confidence Makeover!

  3. Loved this so much! Intuitive eating is an incredible tool. I’ve found that when I started eating intuitively (and clients as well), our bodies naturally choose whole, real foods. Giving yourself permission to eat anything you want may sound scary…but I promise you won’t want to eat chocolate ice cream every single day if it’s not a forbidden food.

  4. Smoothest 1st show EVER! I really appreciate this episode…I’ve had a lot of these issues come up for me while recovering from a car accident and multiple SIBO bouts. I am so inspired and please keep snazzy sense of humor in all of your shows! 😀

  5. Liz and Summer,
    Thanks so much for touching on this subject. Since “Paleo” has become mainstream (which is great), many women (including myself) are becoming even MORE neurotic and self-flaggelating regarding body image instead of less-so. It’s time to nip that in the bud. Let’s not obsess over ketchup.

  6. YAY! I heart you both! You’ve both been such an inspiration to me in my life and in my work. I can’t wait to listen to all of the crunchy-goofy-goodness to follow on Real Food Liz Radio 😉

  7. Thank you, fellow Liz for giving me another avenue in which I can sponge up your sunny, spicy attitude and advice! I’m a new fan, and devouring 5 episodes of balanced bites per day will leave me lonely once I’m all caught up! So thank you for putting more out there for me to absorb 😉 Power to the Liz’es!

  8. Liz, Thank you for bringing these issues up for discussion( I am an avid BB podcast listener too).
    As someone who has a strained relationship with food, I appreciate these resources. I feel there needs to be a movement regarding poor body image. I truly believe more people deal with this than realized, and, sadly there are too few avenues to support those who want/need to heal. I related to what Summer mentioned regarding a meal plan (21 day detox, whole 30, etc.), or looking for a CrossFit community to help on this journey, but then I think it would just feed into the neurosis. I am still looking for support, so thank you again for introducing us to Summer and for all the much needed talk surrounding this issue!

    1. Erika, thank you so much for listening! I’m really encouraged by the response to this podcast – I think this is going to become a much more public topic of discussion sooner than later. Summer is really leading that charge!

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